You Should Be Watching: The Boys

Hey everyone, welcome back to yet another instalment of You Should Be Watching. The series where we let you know what shows you should keep your eye on. This week we look to superheroes who aren’t all that good because I think that you should be watching The Boys.

They’re ma bois

The Boys is a 2019 superhero series developed by Eric Kripke for Amazon Prime. The series takes place in a world where superhero’s are front and centre in the public eye, the main difference is that these guys are kinda dicks. Think Superman if he just didn’t care, that’s where the group called ‘the boys‘ comes in. Led by Billy Butcher, this vigilante group is sticking it to the superhero’s and fighting to drag them down (for good reason though, just thought I’d mention that). There’s a bit more too it than that, but I don’t want to spoil too much. The show is also relatively gruesome, with the start of season 3 being particularly so (if you know you know).

Vigilantes, not superheroes

The vigilante group includes Billy the Butcher as I said before but also includes a few other key characters. There’s Hughie who has his own grudge against the heroes and MM who is the tech person of the group. The dynamics and interactions within this group are definitely one of the biggest selling points. Seeing them come up with unique ways to take down what are essentially gods will keep you on the edge of your seat. They’re also really funny in a very morbid kind of way.

The Boys Amazon (2019)


On the other side of things there’s the seven – a group of the most powerful superheroes – led by The Homelander. Remember the Superman refence, it was about this guy. Throughout the series, you’ll see why Billy and his band of misfits are so hell bent on taking specifically this guy down. It’s not just evil Superman that you’ll hope get’s taken down a peg, there’s also the power hungry drug addict and white supremacist who abuse their power for personal gain. You’d think they wouldn’t be such terrible people being heroes and all, but that’s how The Boys gets you. You’re rooting for these corrupt superhero’s downfall, hoping that their next corrupt act will be their last.

And there you have, a quick rundown on The Boys. The series is definitely one of the more unique superhero shows to have come out recently. If you’re suffering from superhero burnout like me, then The Boys will be right up your ally. The Boys seasons 1 and 2 are currently on Amazon Prime with season 3 airing weekly.

The Boys Amazon (2019)

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