You Should Be Watching The Cuphead Show

You Should Be Watching: The Cuphead Show

Hi there and welcome to You Should Be Watching, the segment where we let you know what shows you need to keep your eye on. For this first instalment, I think you should be watching the recently released Netflix series, The Cuphead Show.

Some Background info to start

The Cuphead Show is based on the video game Cuphead released in 2017 and developed by Studio MDHR. This hand drawn indie gem received universal praise upon release, quickly developing a massive community. The animation style along with the high difficulty ensured that Cuphead would become an instant classic. Given the games success, the thought of an animated series was a no brainer, even if it took almost 5 years.

Now for the show

Created for Netflix, The Cuphead Show takes the characters and locations from the original game and creates a whole new experience. If you’re a fan of the old Loony Tunes or Mickey Mouse cartoons, you’ll definitely enjoy this. Seeing as the game itself didn’t have much of a story, the series takes on an episodic format with a few recurring characters. For the most part though, each episode is self-contained.

From another time

I mentioned before that The Cuphead Show reminded me of old Loony Tunes and Mickey Mouse, and this is evident as soon as the intro starts. The opening music showcases the Disney like animation at its finest. After the opening ends, in comes a title card that made me instantly think of original Looney Tunes – grainy filter an all. The noodle limbs that all the characters have also add to the nostalgic feel that is present throughout the whole show.

Laughs from start to finish

Another great aspect of the show is the comedy. Now I’ll be honest, I never would’ve imagined that most of characters would have a Brooklyn accent, but I think it makes everything even better. The timing of the jokes are perfect as well, knowing the right time to stop before outstaying their welcome. This also adds to the re-watchability of the show, with each bit being able to cause laughter multiple times.

Easily bingeable

The last thing I’ll touch on is the episode length. With each episode only being between 14-16 minutes, they are the perfect length for a quick watch. With 12 episodes as well, it won’t take long to binge every episode, you could even do it all in one night. The short series length again lends the series to multiple viewings as you can pick your favourite episodes for a quick watch whenever you’re in the mood.

Well, there you have, a quick rundown of The Cuphead Show. The nostalgic style, great comedy and watchability make this show great viewing. All 12 episodes are on Netflix now, so what are you waiting for?!

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