You Should Be Watching stranger things

You Should Be Watching: Stranger Things

Hello again, welcome to this strange edition of You Should Be Watching. The series where we let you know what shows you should keep an eye on. This week is an 80’s inspired sci-fi mystery ride because I think that you should be watching Stranger Things. (Seriously though, if you’re not impatiently waiting for season 4 volume 2, then what are you doing?)

How strange could it be?

Stranger Things is a 2016 Netflix series created by the Duffer Brothers. The series takes place during the 80s in the made-up town of Hawkins, Indiana. The series starts off focusing on the appearance of a mysterious girl named Eleven and supernatural events around the town, but as the series progresses, things begin to get crazier. From creepy monsters to what I can only describe as a hellscape, Stranger Things doesn’t mess around. The twists and turns the show takes up to the most recent fourth season will leave you in both suspense and confusion. You’d think that by a shows fourth season you would know what to expect, that is not the case here.

That got out of hand fast

Like I said before, Stranger Things initially started on a relatively small-scale story, random girl and weird things happening. However, after the end of season one, the series took a nosedive into the weird. From alternate dimensions, to Russians, even demons (I think that’s what it was). Pretty much any type of villain that you could think of shows up somewhere in here. It’s not just the evil forces that go crazy, the main characters do as well. From a kid with psychic powers, to two friends who are basically brothers, if you aren’t drawn in by the atmosphere, the characters will certainly do the trick.

Stranger Things Netflix (2016)

Nostalgia overdose

One of the major selling points of Stranger Things is the massive amount of nostalgia in the series. Taking place in an 80s American town, every episode will have at least five references or more. One episode might have that classic disco feel and the next will be more like an 80s slasher. If you grew up in the 80s or experienced the time later on, you’re bound to find something that hits that nostalgic sweet spot. Whilst some people may be getting tired of this over abundance of 80s nostalgia, Stranger Things seems to be the one 80s inspired series that most people consistently enjoy.

There you go, a few reasons why you should check out Stranger Things. From the crazy plot twists, compelling characters and 80s nostalgia, you’ll find something to enjoy. Stranger Things is currently on its fourth season and is streaming right now on Netflix.

Stranger Things Netflix (2016)

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