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You Should Be Watching: Moon Knight

Hey everyone and welcome back to one of the only stable things in my life, You Should Be Watching. The series where we let you know what shows you need to keep your eye on. This week, you should be watching Moon Knight.

Moon Knight? I didn’t know the moon had a knight

Moon Knight is the newest Marvel Disney+ series to be released. Created by Jeremy Slater and starring Oscar Isaac as the titular character. The series follows Steven Grant as he’s slowly dragged into a world of gods, mercenaries, and cults of all things. The first episode though starts off showing none of this. You might even think you’re watching a midday drama with how normal everything seems. After the first 10-15 minutes though, everything changes. From the cult to Stephen having blackouts, mysteries are everywhere, and this is just the first episode.

2 Moon Knights for the price of 1

If you’ve seen any of the marketing for this show, you definitely noticed something pretty big about Moon Knight, there’s more than 1. That is only half right though, whilst there seems to be multiple Moon Knight’s, there is only 1 Steven. This will definitely be one of the larger plot points of the series and will definitely leave you wondering what is going on (I was confused for a hot minute). Steven isn’t the only interesting new character, the villain of the series (who I won’t spoil because I don’t think he was in the marketing) also has his own mysteries. Like why is he wearing shoes filled with glass, that just sounds like an easy way to get an infection if you ask me.

Moon Knight, Disney (2022)

Something different

If you’re anything like me, you might be getting a bit tired of all the new Marvel movies and series coming out. For over a decade now, the MCU has consistently been releasing movies and shows, building up their universe. With so much content, it started to feel the same to me, Moon Knight fixes that. From the opening sequence through the rest of the first episode, this series is drastically different from what came before. From just a visual perspective, it looks very different from the other MCU Disney+ shows, and I couldn’t be happier. This change in style and storytelling is definitely just what I and maybe you need to get back into that MCU mood.

There you have it, a couple of reasons why you should be watching Moon Knight. The series is currently streaming weekly on Disney+. The first episode is already available to watch right now.

Moon Knight, Disney (2022)

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