You Should Be Watching Bel Air

You Should Be Watching: Bel-Air

How’s it going internet people, welcome to another instalment of You Should Be Watching. The segment where we let you know what shows you need to keep an eye on. This week, I think you should be watching Bel-Air (2022).

What’s a Bel-Air?

Bel-Air is a 2022 drama show created by Andy and Susan Borowitz and stars Jabari Banks. The show focuses on Will Smith (not the real person), a 16-year-old kid from Philadelphia. Due to some unfortunate events, Will leaves Philadelphia and moves to the rich people neighbourhood of Bel-Air. Each episode follows Will trying to navigate this new life, whilst dealing with what he left behind.

Bel-Air – Peacock (2022)

Now all of this sounds dramatic, and you’d be right. Whilst there are some moments that will get you to crack a smile, most of the time you’ll be on the edge of your seat. The twists and turns will leave you guessing, all while making sure you must see that next episode. At this point though, you might be wondering if you’ve heard the name Bel-Air before, and you’d be right.

That name sounds familiar

Bel-Air (2022) isn’t an entirely new show. It’s actually a reboot of 90s show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air which starred Will Smith as Will. That show is a lot more light-hearted, focusing more on comedy rather than nail-biting drama. There’re still some hard-hitting moments but it’s not the focus.

You might also remember the classic theme song. Even if you never watched the show, I would bet at least $1 that you’ve heard it before. It’s one of the timeless aspects of the original series. If you were to compare the 2022 series with this one, they couldn’t be more different. Aside from the general premise and characters, almost nothing is the same. But that’s what a reboot is supposed to be.

Why a reboot?

You might be wondering though, if the original show was so loved, why even bother with a reboot? The most reasonable explanation would be people running out of ideas and returning to an older franchise like so many before. But that’s not the case this time. This reboot came about because of a fan-film a few years ago. Will Smith saw the fan-film and worked with the creator to create this new show. And unlike a lot of reboots and remakes that seem to be everywhere, Bel-Air (2022) can both honour the original and tell a new and interesting coming of age story.

And that’s a quick rundown on Bel-Air (2022). This new take on a classic series will suck you in and won’t let go. Bel-Air (2022) is currently available to watch on Stan in Australia.

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