Why The Hype House Netflix Show Is Actually Worth Watching

Why The Hype House Netflix Show Is Actually Worth Watching

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of anyone in The Hype House, but I am super curious and entertained by what they do. So there was no doubt that when I saw Netflix was making a reality television series on the group, I knew I had to watch. Believe it or not, here are five reasons why you should give Hype House a watch.

1. The Drama is Absolutely Absurd Which Makes it Super Entertaining

Honestly, what else would you expect? The drama is definitely partially scripted, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining. In fact, I would probably say that the over the top drama makes it more amusing! From ditching friends for fame and petty drama like not making enough Tik-Toks in a month, the issues are super minuscule, but the reactions that blow it completely out of proportion make the show so fun to watch.

2. The Show is Super Easy To Watch

This one goes hand in hand with the drama being very in your face, but the show overall is an easy view. I watched it while doing chores and it was the perfect show to have on in the background. I also rewatched it with friends which made for a very funny experience!

3. The Background Music Slaps

One of my favourite things about Hype House was all the new songs I downloaded on Spotify after hearing them in the show. The background songs are absolute bangers and are all from pretty small artists. They have that chill catchy vibe to them that honestly go insanely hard. You can find the offical soundtrack here.

4. You Get To See The Behind-The-Scenes of What It’s Like To Be An Influencer

This was one of the most interesting things about the Hype House. I have always been curious about the lives of influencers and this show gives you a behind-the-scenes look into some of the most young and popular influencers. From driving extremely nice cars every day, getting their makeup done, and having pool parties at their insanely nice mansions, it really makes you want to start making Tik-Tok’s and try and become as famous as them.

5. The House They Live in is Super Insane and Aesthetic

Seeing the interior/exterior of the houses and mansions they live in honestly makes it worth it to watch the show. The layout of the houses is absolutely insane, but Lil Huddy’s mansion is extremely lavish and decorated in a gothic style, which is so cool to look at.

You can watch the full trailer here!

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