What Wendy’s Will Look Like In Australia

With multiple major American fast food chains having tested the Australian market in recent years and setting up shop down under with varying success, another food giant has decided it wants to grace Australian soil. The famous burger chain Wendy’s are planning to open up hundreds of stores across Australia.

Having already had a short stint in the country in the 1970s and 1980s, Wendy’s is coming back with a vengeance with their sights set on dominating the Australian market and competing with the likes of McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks and KFC. The eastern side of the side the country will the be the first to get a taste of the company’s trademark burgers, fries and desserts with plans to set up stores in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne before expanding throughout the rest of the country.

Though stores are likely more than a year away with the first bunch of stores set to begin trading in 18 months time, here’s what to expect from the big food gaint.

Possible name change

A recognisable name and logo world wide, Wendy’s biggest challenge setting up shop in Australia is the very real possibility it may not be able to trade under its name. With Wendy’s Milk Bar dessert chain having existed in Australia since the 70’s, the company has already made its feelings known that they don’t want the fast food giant to come in and operate under the same name.

Owner of their Whyalla branch in NSW Dean Tully stating to The Guardian “there can’t be two Wendy’s.”

“They can come to Australia and strut their stuff by all means, but I wouldn’t want it to be under the Wendy’s banner.

“We don’t have two Hungry Jack’s, We don’t have two McDonald’s. We are Wendy’s.”

The name double up has already given Aussies the false belief that the two are affiliated.

And with that, the Australian based ice cream and hotdog parlour are convinced there’s only room for one sheriff in the town. So it’s quite possible that Wendy’s come in under a different name, which could be a major blow coming into a new market.

Though this isn’t the first instance of a food giant needing to change its name when opening stores in Australia. Burger King needed to rebrand to Hungry Jack’s with the rights to Burger King already taken in Australia. Wendy’s franchise rights clashes with the ice cream and hotdog parlour so the newcomers may also need to rebrand to operate in the Australian market.

The Food

When it comes to the food that’ll be served, expect the Wendy’s menu to be a hybrid between Hungry Jack’s and Carl’s Jr. The trademark of the company is it’s burgers and fries, so expect a large range of burgers to choose from with their famous beef burgers in addition to chicken and vegetarian/vegan options. There’s a range of fries such as chilli and ‘baconator’ fries in addition to its baked potato range.

For those that have a sweet tooth, the Frosty range will be your go which is a cross between a soft serve and a milkshake. Served in both a vanilla and chocolate flavour, it’s an OG menu item for the franchise. With nothing like this in the market in Australia, Wendy’s could have a game changer on their hands.

When’s and where’s the launch?

Still in the early doors of the planning phase, the food giant has big plans to open hundreds of stores around the country and with the plans for acquiring land for stores just beginning, it’s expected to be at least 12 months until stores begin opening up.

With the tasty burgers not expected to be served on Australia soil until 2024, the company does have three cities in mind, with Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane the first three cities to set up shop before expanding nationally.