We Decide Who You Should Root For In The 2021 AFL Grand Final!

The biggest day on the AFL calendar is nearly upon us, with the Melbourne Demons and Western Bulldogs set to meet this Saturday in the 2021 AFL Grand Final. So if you’re keen on watching and getting behind a club and have no idea who, then we’ve got you covered.

Melbourne Demons

Firstly let’s start with the Demons, the favourites coming into the grand final having been the best team in the competition the whole season.

They sure have been fun to watch this season.

Are you a snow enthusiast?

If you prefer winter to summer and love the snow, then the Demons are the team for you.

Melbourne have a large and proud passionate supporter base, many of whom spent most of the seasons not at the MCG watching their side, but at the ski resorts of Mount Buller and Mount Hotham.

See historically, the Demons don’t do well during the season, resulting in fans heading up in droves to the snow rather than watching their team do abysmally.

Folklore says that every Demons supporter has heard all of the skiing and Mt Buller joke before, mainly from other Melbourne supporters while you’re skiing at Mt Buller.

Are you a fan of cheese boards?

If you’re a fan of cheese platters and smorgasbord then you’ll fit right in as a Demons supporter on Saturday.

The Demons fans are known to enjoy the finer things in life. Meat pies and chips are all well and good, but Dees fans are a little bit extra, demonstrated by a fan that was spotted at the MCG tucking into a cheese platter while watching the game.

So if you like feasting on deli delights including soft cheeses, baguettes and smashed avocadoes, then the Dees are the team for you.

Are you used to the feeling of disappointment?

Have you normalised the feeling of things in life not meeting your expectations? Because Demons fans have, and supporting the Demons will let you express disappointment amongst similar minded people.

Don’t let this season fool you, the Demons have struggled for much of their recent existence, with 2021 being their first grand final appearance since the start of the century.

Therefore if you’re a person that’s all about doom and gloom, then this side is definitely for you – except when you celebrate a Grand Final win if the Demons get up.

Are you a sucker for wholesome content?

As mentioned above,the Demons have been disappointing, but have turned things around in 2021 to be a powerhouse team of the competition.

If Melbourne win the grand final, it will be their first premiership since 1964 and will be a feel-good story for a club which hasn’t had much success in recent times. Hence if you like wholesome content, this is the team to get behind!

The world was black and white when Melbourne last won the Grand Final back in 1964. Credit: melbournefc.com.au

Are you someone who likes seeing good things happen to good people?

There won’t be too many more pleased than former Demons coach and MND spokesperson Neale Daniher if the Dees take out the premiership this Saturday.

Daniher coached the Demons to a Grand Final in 2000 – which they lost to the bombers – in his 10 year coaching tenure which spanned from 1998-2007.

Diagnosed with MND back in 2013, Neale co-founded FightMND the following year to help raise awareness for those with MND and prevent the suffering of those that may be diagnosed with this disease in the future.

An inspirational figure who is closely aligned with the Melbourne Football Club, if you’re a sucker for seeing good things happen to good people, then get behind the Dees.

Neale Daniher in 2016. Credit: melbournefc.com.au

Western Bulldogs

The Western Bulldogs come into their clash as the underdogs who have taken an unconventional route to the grand final, finishing outside the top four.

Are you a dog person?

If you love dogs, then this team has got you sorted. Not only is their name the Bulldogs, but the team also has a literal bulldog as their mascot that attends the games. This is Caesar, how can you not love him?

Caeser (left) with old Bulldogs mascot Sid (right). Credit: westernbulldogs.com.au

Are you a Marvel junkie?

If you like Marvel films then the Bulldogs are definitely the team for you to get behind. Not only do they play their home games at a stadium that is literally sponsored by the movie franchise, but Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor is about the most notable Bulldogs fan in the world.

Are you a fan of Mexican food?

If you like Mexican food then you’re in luck, because so do the Western Bulldogs. Mission has been the club’s major sponsor since 2009, with the food producing giants making Mexican essential cooking needs such as chips, taco shells, salsas and wraps. And while this sounds like a free advertisement for the brand it’s not, it’s just another reason to get behind the Bulldogs who obviously have good taste in food!

Are you a fan of nice views?

If you want a player to look out for on the day, then Bulldogs midfielder Bailey Smith is your man. He is the human embodiment of what peak performance looks like being one of the best players for the Bulldogs during the finals series, proving he’s more than just good looks.

How beautiful is this man?

Are you a true blue Aussie?

And lastly if you’re feeling patriotic, why not support the teams that wears the same colours as the Australian flag.

Red, white, and blue, if you’re a true blue Aussie then this side is the team for you.

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