TV Shows About College To Get You Back Into The Uni Spirit

TV Shows About College To Get You Back Into The Uni Spirit

Since university is beginning again, most of us are lacking the motivation to start studying. What better way to re-motivate ourselves than watching other people study and live their best college lives. Plus, whatever you’re studying definitely has a tv show with characters studying the same thing. So without further ado, here are eight TV shows about college to get you in the mood to go back to uni and thrive.

1. The Sex Lives Of College Girls

While this show is fairly new and only has one season, I literally binged it in a day. It takes place at a prestigious American college and gives you an insight into dorm and campus life. Also, it’s super scandalous which will make you super excited for uni life.

2. Community

A classic comedy show which follows a study group at a community college. Definitely gives a light-hearted take on the university experience if you’re feeling nervous about going back.

3. Fresh Meat

Another comedy show, Fresh Meat is set in the UK and gives insight into the British college system with an extremely comedic take. Super goofy like The Inbetweeners, so if you’re a fan of that, this will definitely be up your alley.

4. Gilmore Girls Season 4

Gilmore Girls is already one of my comfort shows and season 4 is based on Rory (Alexis Bledel) beginning her first year at Yale. While I definitely recommend watching the whole show, if you want some motivation to study, watching season 4 of Gilmore Girls is definitely a must as Rory is a super studious student.

5. Grown-ish

Grown-ish is set in LA at a modern campus and if you’re studying fashion design, politics, or human rights this is definitely a great show for you to watch before starting uni.

6. Gossip Girl Season 3

While I definitely recommend watching the whole of Gossip Girl as it is an absolute masterpiece, season 3 focuses on the main characters attending NYU. This season definitely romanticizes the college experience, making it very entertaining and more importantly will make you excited for uni.

7. Blue Mountain State

Blue Mountain State is extremely funny and gives you a comedic look into the frat lives of college students in America. While the show is super over the top and not that realistic, the frat experience portrayal will make you want to join a fraternity or club at your university.

8. Scream Queens

This one is for my horror fans, with the show taking place in a sorority on an American college campus where a killer is on the loose. Super entertaining but hopefully not realistic to your university experience.

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