Times Video Game Food Looked Better Than Real Life

Times Video Game Food Looked Better Than Real Life

Food is considered by many to be somewhat of an art form. The preparation, presentation and taste all come together in what some might describe as masterpieces- the highlight of their day. With so many cultures and cuisines around the world, food can be a colour explosion.

But I don’t really care about all that stuff, what I do care about are video games – and what do video games have? Digital food that you can’t touch, smell or eat but can look at, and in my completely objective opinion, looks better that real life food.

To prove this, here are times when video game food looked better than real life.

Cooking Mama

Times Video Game Food Looked Better Than Real Life

Starting off with a classic, the OG pioneer of video game food – Cooking Mama. With her wide range of skills, Mama is able to serve up mouth-watering dishes one after another. Now, I know you’ll say that it doesn’t look that good because it’s all pixelated and not real and to that I say, I don’t care because it still looks damn good.

Resident Evil 2

Going from a game all about food to one that has nothing to do with it. Resident Evil wouldn’t be a series you would normally think of when food is being talked about – unless you’re into cannibalism (no judgement here although it is illegal so … yeah). However, there is one item of food that appears in the beginning cutscene of the Resident Evil 2 remake. This burger is one of the biggest, greasiest, heart attack inducing looking burgers I have ever seen, but man do I want to just try and take a bit out of it.

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Times Video Game Food Looked Better Than Real Life

Moving away from greasy burgers, we have the multitude of curries that can be prepared in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Now, the creation of each curry is a bit odd seeing as you put a bunch of berries into a pot with one singular ingredient, stir it around a bit and then poof, ya done. I would be lying if I said these didn’t look appetising. As an extra bonus, you get to share the food with your Pokémon and they look so happy when they eat, it’s adorable.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Times Video Game Food Looked Better Than Real Life

The definition of outdoor cooking. Forget being the hero of Hyrule, Link is the hero of cooking. Being able to collect all these mismatched ingredients to create something magnificent, all without a state-of-the-art kitchen is nothing to laugh at. Plus, eating the right food can also make you a literal god. Can’t do that with real food now can you.


Ok, hear me out. I know these little critters are adorable as the run about making cute noises and essentially being food Pokémon, but you can’t say you’re not curious about how they taste. Now, obviously would not be my first choice, but we eat cute things all the time in real life, like sheep and cows. And these little guys have the benefit of being ready to be eaten as soon as you catch them. You don’t even have make anything yourself, just catch and eat. So don’t lie to yourself, you’d totally try and eat the little strawberry guy.

Monster Hunter World

The epitome of video game cuisine, maybe cuisine in general comes from the Monster Hunter series, specifically Monster Hunter World for one very specific reason – it’s cooked by cats. You read that right, cats cook the food, and it looks delicious. The lengths that these cats go to, lead by the Meowscular chef, is astounding. These furry felines will make you a multiple course meal whenever you want, and it looks amazing every time. Words can’t do this spectacle justice, just take a look for yourself.

And with these examples, I rest my case.