TikTok Sounds That Are Actually From Iconic Television Shows and Movies

TikTok Sounds That Are Actually From Iconic Television Shows and Movies

Have you ever heard a TikTok sound and wondered where it’s from? Well look no further, today I am going to be showing you 5 popular TikTok sounds that are actually from television shows and movies that are extremely iconic – almost as iconic as the TikTok sounds themselves!

1. The Love Witch

The sound ‘The day he left me was the day I died’ is from the horror/comedy The Love Witch. This film is absolutely iconic, it’s like stepping into a time machine and watching a movie from the 60s, which is the point. The film (made in 2016) intentionally looks like a movie made in the 60s, which makes it even cooler to watch.

2. Steven Universe

This is definitely one of my favourite sounds on TikTok! The sound ‘I love you, Bye’ is from the show Steven Universe. It’s extremely wholesome and the show itself is hilarious. Definitely, a comfort show that is super easy to watch.

3. You

“I just need to know who you really are” is from the Netflix show YOU. While the show is a thriller is filled with drama, suspense and insane characters, the sound has been used in some of the funniest TikToks. YOU makes for a very thrilling watch with a hint of comedy and many WTF moments.

4. Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is definitely one of most peoples favourite shows (mine included). The TikTok sound, “So what if he is the devil Rick, at least the Devil has a job,” from the show perfectly captures the type of humour which is prevalent within the show. Rick and Morty is definitely another great comfort show.

5. The Addams Family

One of my all-time favorite movies, The Addams Family gave us the iconic TikTok sound, “Wednesday is at that very special age when a girl has only one thing on her mind. Boys? Homicide”. This line is almost as iconic as the actual movie is.

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