Worth The Wait The Veronicas Finally Play At The Palais

Worth The Wait: The Veronicas Finally Play At The Palais

This month I ventured to St. Kilda’s Palais Theatre to see The Veronicas’ Godzilla v Human tour.

The event was initially scheduled for January this year at the Forum, however due to COVID-19 it was postponed until April.

It seemed that this only built the crowd’s excitement even more! The second Lisa and Jessica Origliasso stepped out onto the stage, the venue was filled with singing, dancing, and the occasional “I love you!” being screamed out.

Despite the venue being seated, almost everyone – myself included – had stood up by the chorus of the first song, no doubt grateful to see the return of live music.

The show kicked off with their song ‘Godzilla’ and other hits from the 2021 albums.

A while into the event the performers left the stage, returning after an outfit change into more casual clothes to commence the official “human” part of the night.  

In between songs from their more recent albums, the pair belted out hits from 2005 and 2007, with ‘Take Me On The Floor’ being the audience’s first taste of old(er) school pop for the night.

While the concert seemed to be full of die-hard fans who knew every single lyric of every single song (old and new), the older hits were certainly given a warm welcome.

For those strictly fans of their earlier works, the concert hit all stops from ‘4ever’, to ‘Everything I’m not’, and ‘Hook me up’.

But the night wasn’t just music: the pair engaged with the audience and thanked them countlessly for their support throughout their careers.

The Veronicas also expressed their gratitude for being able to play live music once again after the pandemic, ignoring an audience member who felt very strongly that COVID-19 isn’t real.

The set continued, and of course, they left the stage only to return moments later for an encore.

They saved what they referred to as the “national anthem” for their last song: ‘Untouched’.

As it blared through the venue the crowd went nuts – though, notably not quite as rowdy as their performance of the same song at Good Things in 2019, where a “wall of death” ensued during the single.

Overall, the concert hit that sweet spot of modern music with a twist of original hits, which is likely to be the case at their next Melbourne performance.

The pop duo will take to the music festival Our First Kiss, which goes ahead on May 7 in Port Melbourne.

The Veronicas will be joined there by Short Stack, The Getaway Plan, Dream on, Dreamer, and Closure in Moscow – every emo kid’s dream!

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