The New Year's Resolution Absolutely ANYONE Can Do

The New Year’s Resolution Absolutely ANYONE Can Do

The New Year is upon us again, and all the Christmas work parties, family gatherings and out-of-town visits are now over. The time has finally arrived for you to sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that all those awkward questions have been dealt with and put behind you, right?


Just one awkward question remains, and this one’s a real slippery sucker. It could be thrust on to you at any time – even well into the new year! It’s a question that can haunt you for the whole year, and if you’re not careful, can be a real downer in those moments where you’re looking back at everything you’ve accomplished.

It is, of course, the question of what your New Year’s resolution is. Worried about how to respond to such a daunting question, whether from friends, family, or colleagues? Fear not – The Fizzz has got you covered!

What even is a New Year’s resolution?

While it might sound like a fad that sprang up around the same time as 24-hour gyms or Paleo diets, the New Year resolution actually dates back about 4000 years to the time of the Babylonians, who felt that promising the gods they’d work harder, have better relationships, or simply reduce their debt would bring them favour in the new year. Four millenia later and not much has changed!

Why New Year?

While different cultures celebrate their new year at different times, the milestone is generally seen the same way around the world: A new year is a fresh start, a new leaf. If you’re unsatisfied with the direction your life is going, there’s no better time to make that change than when a brand new year arrives (and all that delicious Christmas food has been digested!).

But I can’t think of an answer!

Don’t worry – this is surprisingly common. There may be a lot of tales of people failing to stick to their resolutions, but these are only the stories where they remembered to set one in the first place! Many more struggle to even think of a resolution to aim for. If this is you, then the prospect of being asked what your New Year’s resolution is – as if everybody should have one – can be a daunting prospect. Here’s some ways to best prepare for the challenge:

1: Actually have a real resolution

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: New Year’s is the perfect time to make a positive change in your life. Always wanted to lose a few kilos? Cook more homemade meals? Maybe you’ve always wanted to try out a particular bar, such as the hidden bars we’ve featured here.

Then you should do it. Write it down, and tell someone, so that you can be held accountable. It’s a glorious chance to better yourself. If you can do it, take that chance!

2: Go BIG, and minimise the disappointment

A big excuse that often pops up to prevent resolutions from happening is the unknown. And it doesn’t just have to be a worldwide pandemic. Car crashes, a work relocation or new relationship can change anybody’s plans. If you’re not sure what you want in the new year, why not just make a grand, almost impossible goal, so that when your situation changes, it’s no big deal to ditch that outlandish plan, because it were so far-fetched in the first place!

3: The Fizzz approved, time tested, Never Fails Method

If you REALLY want to survive the question though, you need an answer that shows you’ve given the question some serious thought already, are self aware enough to know your own shortcomings, and have the courage to strive towards improving yourself into becoming the better person you were always destined to be. So when you’re asked what your New Year’s resolution is, what answer should you give that displays all those admirable qualities at once?

It’s simple, you just tell them your resolution is to have a New Year’s resolution ready… for the next New Year!

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