The Most Iconic WWE Entrances

The Most Iconic WWE Entrances

Music in wrestling has long been a winning combination, with the WWE emphasising its stars are more than just ‘wrestlers’. A wrestler’s entrance theme plays a large part in presenting the character they play.

Whether it’s been WWE collaborating with bands or its former composer Jim Johnston producing themes, the company has a great track record when it comes to giving it wrestlers incredible theme songs! So here are 1o iconic WWE entrances that just plain slapped.

10. Randy Orton – Burn In My Light

While fans will be more familiar with his theme Voices, Randy Orton’s second theme performed by rock group Mercy Drive still remains as his best theme.

Being dubbed as the ‘legend killer’ from 2004 to late 2007, Orton was pitted against the veterans of the WWE where he attempted to eliminate them and kill their careers one-by-one, with his persona during this era being the human embodiment of Dewy from Malcolm in the Middle’s famous line “the future is now old man.”

The lyrics of Burn In My Light truly reflect Orton’s cocky persona and was a fan-favourite theme – just a shame that Orton himself hated the tune.

9. Kane – Slow Chemical

Another theme from WWE’s ruthless aggression era, Slow Chemical performed by alternative rock band Fingers Eleven was perfectly used as Kane’s theme song between 2002 and 2008 after his unmasking.

Standing at 7ft tall, Kane was portrayed as a giant sadistic character who’d been a burn victim from his childhood, a dark and twisted backstory for a character. Slow Chemical’s hard-hitting tune and aggressive vibe perfectly presented Kane as a dangerous monster.

8. MVP – I’m Coming

Back to the ruthless aggression era well and at number eight is MVP theme I’m Coming performed by rapper Silkk the Shocker.

From the ticking clock intro to Silkk’s energetic flow, the song gets you amped up and was accompanied with one the best entrances in WWE at the time.

MVP coming out of a personalised inflatable tunnel accompanied with pyro and a great theme, help present MVP as a big deal despite him never being one of the top stars in the company.

7. Triple H – The Game

Get your water bottles out because at number seven and continuing on with the ruthless aggression era is Triple H’s main theme, which he’s used since 2001.

Performed by Motorhead, The Game is a heavy metal tune that strikes all the right chords. With the lyrics of the song perfectly matching with Triple H’s character as the top star of the company and a heavy hitting vibe that gets you pumped up.

6. Triple H – The King of Kings

An alternate theme for Triple H, Motorhead were once again brought in and produced another masterpiece.

Yet another rock song from the ruthless aggression era, King of Kings once again presented Triple H as a big deal in the company during his era of dominance during the 2000s, in which he claimed to be king of kings in the WWE landscape.

While he was a much-hated figure by fans during this era, this theme song is largely loved by WWE fans.

5. CM Punk – Cult of Personality

While an honourable mention goes out to Punk’s first theme by rock group Killswitch Engage’s This Fire Burns, his adoption of Living Colour’s Cult of Personality lands at number five on the list.

Having been a cult figure with WWE fans since his debut in 2006, Punk was never really thought of as highly by WWE higher-ups. Tapping into this Punk would use Cult of Personality as his second theme song after his short hiatus from the company in 2011.

Though the theme itself is a great song – given that Punk was literal a cult of personality with the WWE fanbase, the song tied in perfectly with his character and persona.

4. John Cena – My Time Is Now

Having hit meme status ever since the infamous John Cena prank call went on viral on YouTube, My Time Is Now is arguably the most famous and recognisable tune in all of WWE.

First used in 2005, Cena recorded the song himself with the theme achieving mainstream success world-wide! Cena’s album ‘My Time Is Now‘ featured on being a big seller in multiple countries.

With a great trumpet intro and a tune that gets you amped up, the theme perfectly presented Cena who still remains one of WWE’s biggest stars.

3. Edge – Metalingus

I think at this point we just have to admit that WWE’s best theme songs came from the ruthless aggression era. At number three is rock band Alter Bridge’s most popular song Metalingus.

Rock songs with an energetic and stimulating rhythm were popular throughout the era, and Edge’s theme is no different with the proclaimed ‘ultimate opportunist’ adopting the theme back in 2004.

Playing a heel for must of his career, his cheating antics made him one of the most hated characters in the company and his theme perfectly played into his dirty-tactic character.

2. Undertaker – Rest In Peace

In theory, the character of the Undertaker should never have worked, playing an undead gothic giant with supernatural powers. Yet it did, being one the biggest stars ever in the company.

His theme certainly played a big part in that.

Coming to the dark and smokey ring, there was always an eerie feeling when the Undertaker made his entrance. His theme song would give people the spooks, never failing to give you goose bumps.

1.  Evolution – Line in the Sand

There is no surprise here at all with number one. An absolutely stunning rock song from the ruthless aggression era, and once again it was Motorhead producing this great hit.

Having banded together in the early 2000s, the team of Evolution was made up of veteran of the 1980s Ric Flair, the best wrestler in the WWE at the time Triple H and two up and comers Batista and Randy Orton.

Needing a theme to present the stable’s stars from yesteryear to its younger members destined for greatness, Motorhead answered the call and delivered.

Like all Motorhead songs, the song is hard-hitting and the lyrics play perfectly into what the team stood for at the time and remains the best theme WWE has given to its stars to this day.