That 90s show

That 90s Show Is Coming And Some of Our Favourites Are Back

That 70s…I mean 90s show is the spinoff we have all been waiting for, but is it the spinoff we need?

After a failed spinoff being That 80s Show in 2002, it’s about time That 70s show fans finally get the spinoff we all wanted. 

In comes That 90s Show. Set in 1995, our favourite nerd Eric Forman’s daughter takes centre stage. Of course, her name is Leia Forman because what else would Eric name his daughter if not after one of the nerdiest female protagonists alive. The trailer which you can watch below gives the nostalgic vibes we have all been missing. 

Leia goes to her grandparents’ house for the summer, meets a whole new group of friends and ends up hanging out with them in Kitty and Red’s old basement, where the former 70s show friendship group used to hang out. I for one am super excited for this show, but one thing I was curious about was who in the original cast is actually returning for the reboot? And you know what? I was pleasantly surprised. So, without further ado here are all the characters from That 70s show that are returning for That 90s Show.

1. Red and Kitty Forman

Of course, the reboot would not be complete without Red Forman calling everyone dumbasses and Kitty’s overly friendly and motherly personality.

2. Eric and Donna

What. A. Duo. Thank goodness these two are coming back or I would not even consider this a reboot.

3. Fez

Fez has become a high fashion hair stylist and honestly that is the wildest character plot-line I have heard. F*ck yeah Fez

4. Jackie and Kelso

My favourite problematic (sometimes toxic) couple is back and believe me, I could not be happier.

5. Leo

This one is super random but honestly could not imagine a reboot without my boy Leo. Let’s be real, he’s all our boy (drooooooool).

Maybe That 90s show will be the redemption arc of bad TV spinoffs that no one really asked for, but we will have to wait and see. That 90s show premiers on Netflix on the 19th of January 2023.