Ten Questionable Items I Found On SHEIN This Week

Can I please have a word with the manager?

Ahh SHEIN. The fast fashion brand who are most likely up to some dodgy, unsustainable and unethical business, while producing some very questionable items that I’m sure will raise your eyebrows just as much as mine. I decided to entertain myself by selecting some of their most outrageous pieces, so here are the 10 questionable items I found on SHEIN this week, that have me shaking my head.

1. Thanks for the PSA, I guess?

SHEIN Drop Shoulder Slogan Graphic Pullover
I’m pretty sure this rule still applies in 2021.

2. Activism? Inspiration? Both?

Cartoon Bear And Slogan Graphic Hoodie
The sad looking teddy bear? The claw machine? Is it trying to escape? Or is this a call to make winning claw machine prizes more possible? Sign me the f up!

3. Yes. I am the best potato in town.

Letter & Fries Print Crop Hoodie

I’ve finally found a slogan shirt that represents who I am! I would wear this with absolute pride and joy.

4. I feel like I’m being watched.

SHEIN Mock Neck Eye & Letter Graphic Sheer Mesh Bodycon Dress Without Bra

So many questions here. Why the eyes? Why Bingo? I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO LOOK, HELP!

5. The best of both worlds?

SHEIN Graphic Print Drop Shoulder Stepped Hem Top
The effort put into this design is absolutely ✨immaculate✨ I suppose you’ll never have the problem of not being able to decide which top to wear, when you can have both!

6. 💃

SHEIN Slogan Embroidered Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt Dress

What better way to attract a hottie’s attention at the club, than with a dress that’ll tell them exactly what you want! Simple, to the point and definitely very eye catching 🥴


Snakeskin Cut-out Micro Triangle Thong Bikini Swimsuit
If the fear of losing your bikini top wasn’t already one of yours, *THIS* top will for sure unlock it. HOW DOES THIS WORK?! WHY IS THIS NECESSARY?! HOW DOES ONES NIPPLE MIGRATE LIKE THAT?! I NEED ANSWERS!

8. Okay, I guess you’re a fan of risky games.

Snakeskin Print Chain Cut Out Bikini Panty
All it takes is one wrong move. I guess we won’t be doing any crazy dives or jumps with these on. (I don’t think we’ll be doing much, really).

9. Wish you weren’t here either.

Wish WHO wasn’t here? The dolphins? They’re an endangered species and they’re so cute! How could you possibly wish they weren’t here?!

10. You had ONE job 😩

Stranger Things, who? I think Thinger Strangs is my new favourite show on Netflix.

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