Spider-Man No Way Home: A Satisfying Conclusion

Spider-Man No Way Home: A Satisfying Conclusion

What’s that on the wall? Is it a bug? Is it a window cleaner? No, it’s a review of Spider-Man No Way Home that’s almost two weeks late because someone didn’t get tickets early (I’m that someone).

Now, for the majority of Spider-Man fans out there, this review/impression is meaningless because you’ve already seen the movie. But if you’re one of the few people who are yet to see No Way Home, let me (someone who hasn’t watched any Spider-Man movie pre-Tom Holland) tell you why you should check this film out.


Spider-Man No Way Home: A Satisfying Conclusion

To get things started, one of the highlights of the film is undoubtedly the characters

The returning cast from the first two films put in consistently great performances like they have previously. The addition of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr Strange is a nice addition to the cast (I might be biased on that though). The real heavy hitters though are the returning villains from past Spider-Man films.

Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx return as their iconic characters and they haven’t missed a beat (I know I said I haven’t watched the other movies, but I’ve seen clips). Fans of the previous films will be delighted to see these villains back for round two. Willem Dafoe is definitely the standout performance though and definitely deserves some kind of award.

Now, I was initially sceptical that there would be too many characters in this film, however I’m happy to say that this large cast of characters doesn’t take away anything from the story of this concluding chapter.

Seeing as No Way Home is the last film in the MCU Spider-Man trilogy, there was a lot riding on the story, and it delivered

No Way Home is able to simultaneously tell a self-contained story, whilst connecting to previous and future Marvel projects. Now Marvel has been doing this for over a decade at this point. It’s still impressive to see it happen though, especially with a film as big as this.

Spider-Man No Way Home: A Satisfying Conclusion

Without going into spoilers, No Way Home provides satisfying conclusions to character arcs, sets up new ones, and shoves in enough emotional and action-packed set pieces that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

There’s also enough Spidey fan service that’ll make your head explode if you think about it for too long. The ending is also the perfect conclusion to this MCU Spider-Man trilogy whilst leaving room for the characters to grow even more.

Shifting over to the technical aspects for a second, this film is definitely an experience

If we forget about story and characters, the cinematography and visuals are some of the best the MCU has produced. From trippy Dr Strange sequences to action packed fights, there is always something new and pretty for you to stare at. The varied locations help with this as well. Jumping from location to location can normally feel weird, but not here.

Spider-Man No Way Home: A Satisfying Conclusion

The sound side it’s just as impressive. From that satisfying thwip of a web shooter to the magic sounds of Dr Strange, the sound design is on point. The soundtrack contains amazing tracks whilst being filled with nostalgia for anyone who grew up with the older Spider-Man films. You definitely want to keep an ear out; you might hear a familiar tune or two.

Spider-Man No Way Home is a satisfying conclusion to the Spider-Man story that started all the way back in Captain America Civil War. The characters, the story, even the technical side of things are all some of the best that the MCU can offer.

If you’re a Spider-Man fan, you’ve already seen it, but if you’re not or maybe you’re just interested in superhero movies, I would definitely recommend checking this one out. It might just make you a Spider-Man super fan.

You can check out the trailer below.

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