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Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy Is On The Way – What Does This Mean?

It all began in Seattle, 2005, with five surgical interns. Now, medical drama ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has been renewed for a 19th season, with only a handful of original characters left – and more potentially on their way out! While many continue to watch the show regularly, 17 years is a long time for one program to run…

Where is the show now?

For those of you who’ve tuned out the last couple seasons, the show is currently teasing the departure of Dr Meredith Grey – who is, of course, the main character.

She received an offer from Dr David Hamilton to work in Minnesota as chief of general surgery, as well as director of the Grey Centre. The offer comes after the first stages of her research to cure Parkinson’s (with Hamilton as her team’s test subject) was successful. This would see her move closer to her boyfriend, Nick Marsh – one of her longest love interests since the death of her husband, Derek Shepherd, back in season 11.

The offer would also give her the opportunity to conduct research into anything she pleases, including Alzheimer’s. Her mother suffered from the disease, and it was revealed earlier in the show that she has genetic markers for it too.

What’s next?

As anyone who’s watched Grey’s Anatomy knows, anything is possible on the show – we’ve seen multiple shocking character deaths, patients with rare diseases, and even characters dating the dead!

But what would the show look like if they really get rid of Meredith Grey?

It’s possible that the show would continue from the perspective of either Maggie or Amelia, her sister and sister-in-law. The personal lives of both have the potential to cover a few episodes, however I’m personally not sure whether making the entire show about them would necessarily work. It could also carry on from Jo Wilson’s perspective, however she’s no longer a surgical resident. This would mean the show would shift from a surgical drama to a predominantly gynaecology and obstetrics-based show.

It may even follow the lives of the new(er) surgical residents, including Levi Schmitt, who is currently undergoing a personal crisis after accidentally killing an important patient. However, nothing has been confirmed regarding Meredith’s departure. This is simply speculation, combined with the fact that actress Ellen Pompeo has hinted in the past that she wants the show to be over.

At the end of the day, I know for a fact that I’ll continue to watch and re-watch the show religiously no matter what.

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