Tingle Your Tastebuds With Repeat Offender's Tequila Week

Tingle Your Tastebuds With Repeat Offender’s Tequila Week

If you’re having a rough start to the week, we’ve got something that’s going to make it ten times better – Repeat Offender’s Tequila Week!

Elwood’s ultimate taco and tequila destination will be throwing their very own Tequila Week experience from Tuesday April 5th to Sunday April 10th.

Begin the week long festivity with a tasting of the finest flavour profiles of Tequila Herradura coming in Blanco, Reposado, Anejo and Ultra for just $40 per person.

For those who want to add a little bit of extra spice to the experience, you will have the option to enjoy your tequila while indulging in Repeat Offender’s famous tacos for $60 per person.

The ultimate taco and tequila pairings will be amde up of Herradura Blanco with Baja Fish Taco, Herradura Reposado with Pork Taco, Herradura Anejo with Beef Taco and Herradura Ultra Anejo with Prawn Taco. Vegan options are also available.

“This week is all about encouraging people to have a look and see what new flavours they can try. We can’t wait to teach our loyal customers about the nuance between different kinds of tequila, as well as how to drink it like they would a hundred years ago in Mexico,” says Eli Bury, Managing Director.

Repeat Offender’s Tequila Week will also be debuting the Mighty Margarita to their delicious cocktail range. With Herradura Ultra, Lime, Agave and Vanilla Bitters, the Mighty Margarita will be on offer for only $15. Indulge in each flavour from spicy to coconut!

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Be sure to head down to 201 Ormond rd Elwood to indulge in your favourite Mexican spirit, with a cheeky taco to side.

Tequila Week will be running during all service hours from Tuesday the 5th to Sunday the 10th of April. Bookings are highly recommended, however limited walk-in spots will be available.

Book for you and your friends here.

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