Rating Succession Characters Based on Who’s Most Likely To Become CEO

Succession is one of the highest-rated television shows on the air right now. The current fourth season has racked up an insane 5/5 stars (so if you haven’t watched it get on it ASAP). If you’re a long-time viewer/fanatic of the show the main question you’re asking yourself every episode is, who is going to end up CEO of Waystar Royco? So without further ado here is a carefully curated list of who I think is most likely going to end up CEO starting from least likely to most likely.

10. Connor

The only reason Connor is on this list is because Succession is the type of show to have the person least likely to become CEO end up with the job. Connor’s thirst for power is made very obvious throughout the last two seasons and he’s also one of Logan’s children. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had major character development and ended up with the top spot, but for now, he is at the bottom of my list.

9. Gerri

Gerri has been standing CEO time and time again throughout the show and she seems like the smartest choice. However, I think her ending up CEO is very unlikely because of her already being acting CEO. Unless the show is trying to use reverse psychology on us, I doubt she’ll get the job in the end.

8. Logan

Hear me out, obviously, he already is CEO and his death seems to be a long-awaited event, but I would not be surprised if Succession ends before his death and we never actually find out who the next CEO is. This would be extremely frustrating but also a great way to end a show that already is insanely frustrating. It would leave the audience scrambling for answers and the conclusion themselves. Who doesn’t love a good inconclusive ending?

7. Marcia

This one seems very likely to me. Logan seems to always find a way to increase Marcia’s power. I think the fact that it isn’t too obvious but he’s definitely hinting at it is definitely a sign that she could end up with the top spot.

6. Stewy/Sandy

The storyline with Stewy and Sandy could go either way. Either they end up taking full control of the company, or it’s a storyline that dies out and the characters become replaced by new characters who are even more powerful. But from where Succession stands now, this does seem very likely.

5. Shiv

Being one of Logans’ children and his only daughter, this seems like a very realistic option. However, Succession is a television show, and Logans growing resentment for Shiv and the power she is gaining means there’s a chance she won’t get the top job. However, Shiv’s desire to be in charge and her being clever makes me think that she might end up betraying Logan, similar to Kendall, and take the job right out from underneath him.

4. Kendall

Kendall originally was going to be CEO since the first episode, and even though his character has changed drastically, I still think there’s a pretty significant chance he’ll end up on top. Also, the fact that he has already betrayed Logan and very obviously wants the job, means it would be a full-circle moment having Kendall end up as CEO. However, he comes in number 4 as I think this ending would be too predictable.

3. Tom

Honestly, I want to put Tom as number one but I think that is more just what I want to happen and not entirely realistic for Succession to do. In my opinion, Tom would be the best option for CEO, he’s worked his way up in the company, is power-hungry and it would be a nice hit in the face for the Roy family if someone who isn’t immediately related to them ends up CEO.

2. Greg

Similar to Tom but I think a lot more likely. Greg is related to Logan and ever since the first episode I’ve thought that he is going to work his way up the ranks and become CEO. Even though Greg seems quite clueless a part of me thinks it’s an act and he’s just playing the room so he can end up on top. This made a lot more sense when he struggled to choose between Kendall and Logan after Kendall went rogue.


I think Roman is most likely going to end up CEO and I definitely would not be mad about it. Since his return back into Waystar Royco in the first season, Roman has become immensely professional, even going to the management training program. He usually stays out of the way in heated moments, always backs his dad Logan and never speaks against him (even when he really should). Roman being super submissive to his dad makes me think he is the most likely contender for CEO.

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