Paris Fashion Week 2022 The Most Insanely Stylish Looks

Paris Fashion Week 2022: The Most Insanely Stylish Looks

Faux fur, leather and big coats seem to be some of the top trends that overtook Paris Fashion Week which took place last week. Black and white monochromatic looks also took charge of the runway and definitely forecast that oversized and more minimalistic clothes will be the top trend of the year. Here are a few of the most stylish looks from Paris Fashion Week 2022.

1. Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello (Fall 2022)

This look combines all the top forecasted trends of the season with the fur coat. This is definitely going to become a trending ‘classy night out on the town’ look this year.

2. Hoyeon Jung in Louis Vuitton

My favourite look of the week! I am absolutely in love with the statement look brown leather blazer. The idea of wearing formal workwear in a more casual setting was a pretty big trend from the shows of the week.

3. Ambush by Yoon Ahn (Fall 2022)

Playing into the fur trend, this fitted cropped jacket also in brown leather is a first-class classic piece. Paired with these pants, this is a flawless casual outfit for everyday style.

4. Loewe by Jonathan Anderson (Fall 2022)

Puffer jackets are already so trendy, with some may argue going out of style. But these smooth puffer jackets really elevate the trend and perhaps even reignite it!

5. Valentino Fall by Pierpaolo Piccoli (Fall 2022)

While pink was the main theme of the Valentino Paris Fashion Week 2022 show, the few black looks really stood out. The shirred material of the gloves and the dress is so subtle and dainty paired with the chunky platform heels, creating a contemporary look.

6. Balenciaga by Demna (fall 2022)

Two of my favourite Balenciaga looks from this season! Tying in with the fur coat trend, these looks are super comfy. Also, the sneakers on the second look are my new favourite item on my wishlist!

7. Courreges Paris Fashion Week 2022

And finally this classic look from Courreges. Absolutely love the leather jacket that has a denim jacket structure. I will definitely be recreating this look over and over again.

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