Oh, I remember that Australian commercials

Oh, I Remember That! Australian Commercials Part 2

Do you ever have those moments where you reminisce about your childhood? Whether it’s the things you consumed, the shows you watched, or even the ways you spent your Saturday night, this is for you. Welcome to ‘Oh, I remember that’, a series that rediscovers the nostalgia surrounding Australian culture. Today’s edition will look at another nine Australian commercials that will have you saying ‘Oh, I remember that’.

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Commercials today are nothing like they used to be. For the majority, ridiculous, annoying and stupid are three words which accurately describe the commercial landscape. Although there was a time not so long ago, where people would stayed glued to their televisions, to watch their favourite ads. It would get to the point where you would recite them word for word. So here is a list of those legendary ads that had you hooked. 

AAMI – Rhonda and Ketut (2012)

We could have picked the whole series if we really wanted to, but the one that stands out is Rhonda’s first meeting with her star-crossed lover. The pair would grace our screens collectively for five commercials, including a 2021 special urging Australians to get vaccinated. 

AAMI – What about me? (2009)

What do you get when you pair a parody of an Aussie classic with an advertising juggernaut? One bloody good ad. A parodied version of a Shannon Noll hit, various people sing about their evident problems. Our second AAMI entry on this list proves why the insurance company had a hold on the commercial landscape in the 2000s. 

Qantas – Still call Australia home (2000)

When anyone thinks of Qantas, they think of this ad. The choir, the landmarks, the endearing version of a Peter Allen classic, what is there not to love about this commercial? Despite the numerous remasters of this commercial, the 2000 version will be etched into the memories of Aussies far and wide. 

Allianz – Ah

This ad is so good that I can still harmonise with this commercial 10 years on. Either that, or I watched too much TV back in the day. Allianz need just one syllable of their company name to promote its message, and it’s so clever, it’s funny.

Toyota Hilux – Baby Come Back (2011)

Now this has to be one of my all-time favourite commercials. Highlighting the inseparable bond between man and ute, this commercial presents the travesty of man losing ute. The struggle faced by our protagonist, paired with a 70s power ballad creates for a commercial worthy of legendary status. 

Libra – Invisible Pads (2010)

No, these pads aren’t an invisibility cloak. Well…this guy learnt that the hard way. Luckily for us, we were provided with moments that would leave you jokingly saying ‘you idiot’, and a very awkward ending.   

RACQ – Charter Boat Accident

Do you ever just wonder how stupid can one person be? The wife in this commercial has that thought about her husband after his charter boat accident. So much so, she mocks his accident in one of the funniest ways possible. 

Carlton Draught – Beer Chase (2012)

Yeah, it’s another Carlton Draught, but that just goes to show how beer commercials are the epitome of Australian nostalgia. With a commercial that looks like the love child of any 80s American cop show, this ad is sure to provide you with a few laughs. 

Windex – Birds (2006)

Sometimes the simplest things provide for the funniest ads. A perfect example of double trouble, two birds team up to play the ultimate prank.  

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