AFL retro guernseys

Oh, I Remember That! AFL Retro Guernseys

Do you ever have those moments where you reminisce about your childhood? Whether it’s the things you consumed, the shows you watched, or even the ways you spent your Saturday night, this is for you.

Welcome to ‘Oh, I remember that’, a series that rediscovers the nostalgia surrounding Australian culture. In recognition of Fremantle playing in their infamous 3D anchor jumper tomorrow night against Melbourne, I am digging into the archives, to count down my top 10 favourite AFL retro guernseys. From providing nostalgic vibes, to cool designs, this list will make you beg your club to bring these jumpers back (if they haven’t already). 

10. Adelaide 3D Crow Jumper

Speaking of 3D logos, Adelaide sported a 3D crow on their away jumper between 1999 and 2005. Whilst their current away guernsey looks great, I want to see the Crows flesh out this jumper every once in a while. Also i bet you didn’t think you’d be seeing a photo of Luke Jericho today!

Crows Retro Guernsey

9. Geelong 1999-2004 Away Jumper

Next on the list is Geelong’s away jersey from the early 2000s. This jumper is still seen amongst fans at footy games to this day. With the traditional Geelong logo enlarged in the middle, this is a jumper I can get around. The most memorable moment for the Cats wearing this guernsey would have to be this blistering kick from Clint Bizzell (another nostalgic name). 

8. Melbourne Demon Horns Jumper

Worn between 2005 and 2007, predominantly as a clash jumper for Essendon games, the Demon Horns jumper portrays one of Melbourne’s best logos. Notably, this was worn in Neale Daniher’s last game as coach in 2007, which featured one of the most underrated finishes to a game of football (not for the Dees though) when Essendon kicked two goals in the last three minutes to steal victory. 

Melbourne Retro Guernsey AFL

7. Richmond 1995-2004 Home Jumper


Although this jumper is not as elaborate as the others on this list, their sponsorship with TAC in the late 90s to early 2000s helped produce a nostalgic masterpiece. Even though Collingwood provided the same aesthetic with their home jumper due to their partnership with TAC, there is something about the Tigers guernsey that makes it prominent amongst fans today.

6. Port Adelaide Lightning Jumper

Port Retro Guernsey

I don’t know why there’s so much criticism thrown towards this jumper. As a young kid, I thought this was the coolest jumper I had ever seen, and still think it is today. A close second in the retro jumper department, Port Adelaide featured this design on their away kits between 2004 and 2006. 

5. St Kilda 1997-2001 Home Jumper

Saints Retro Guernsey

A staple in St Kilda folklore, this jumper is ranked at number four. Worn during home games between 1997 and 2001, the red backing provides for a more retro look. I will always remember this kit because of Aussie Jones’ run and goal in the 1997 Grand Final. 

4. Sydney Red V Jumper

Swans AFL retro jumper

Paying tribute to its South Melbourne roots, Sydney’s red V jumper is one of the cleanest AFL retro guernseys in the competition. The kit was worn between 1932 and 1986, before Swans opted for a jumper which paid homage to the Sydney Opera House. The red V has previously been called upon for their heritage round matches in the 2000s, as well as for special tribute games in the 2010s. But since last season, Sydney have used the red V jumper as an alternative kit. 

3. Fremantle Original Away Jumper

Freo Retro Guernsey

For the first three years of existence, the Freo Dockers wore this belter of a jumper. Arguably the retro jumper kings, there are several nominations for this list but to me, this one was the best of them. That’s why when the club decided to genuinely bring back wearing retro jumpers during or around retro round, this was the first cab off the rank. Fremantle brought this jumper back against Richmond last year and will imprint Lachie Schultz’s mark of the year contender. 

2. North Melbourne Jumping Kangaroo Jumper

AFL retro guernsey North Melbourne

This North Melbourne jumper was an emphatic part of their successful run in the late 90s, early 2000s. Worn between 1996 and 2002, this guernsey was so good that in 2000, the club decided to replace the blue with orange for a game, to honour their sponsor of the same name. Luckily, they decided to revert back to the original design after that. 

1. Collingwood Swooping Magpie Jumper

Collingwood retro swooping magpie guernsey

My number one pick needs no introduction. Ask any Collingwood supporter what jumper they want back and they will unanimously pick this one. The swooping magpie guernsey was worn for seven games between 2002 and 2004, and featured in some of Collingwood’s most storied moments. Collingwood wore the jumper when Tarrant kicked THAT goal after the siren in 2003, and in the same year took mark of the year against Geelong.