Mint Twisties

Mint Twisties: A New Twist in the Line-up?

Twisties have announced a new prototype ‘Mint Twisties,’ following Married At First Sight groom Matt Ridley claiming he had stinky breath from eating the chicken flavoured Twisties.

Following the airing of the episode, which Ridley had bad breath because he’d just eaten a packet of Chicken Twisties after kissing his new bride, Twisties opted to release a fresher tasting product. And though Twisties marketing manager Katherine Twomey has denied the Twisties were to blame, she says the company were happy to help provide a solution to smelly breath.

“It is of Twisties’ opinion that the Chicken Twisties do not give people a stinky breath, however, the iconic snack would never want to stand in the way of true love,” she said.

“Over the course of the week, we at Twisties HQ have mobilised to see if we could develop a revolutionary new product that could put an end to the stinky breath phenomenon – we feel Mint Twisties might just do the trick.

“We’re now looking to the public to see if this is a product they’d like to see on the shelf in the future as their pre-date [or pre-wedding] snack.”

Twisties is now encouraging its enthusiasts to head to their social media pages and share their opinion on the ‘Mint Twisties’. It’s just one of the latest unorthodox creations from snack and food brands in recent weeks, with Arnott’s releasing a Tim Tam fragrance and Coca-Cola releasing its ‘Starlight’ beverage in America.

The spark of Twisties’ newest creation, MAFS groom Riddle has reflected on his viral moment. He says he’s enjoyed the reaction he garnered from his wedding episode, saying the Chicken Twisties moment has grown a cult following from those close to him.

“I forgot that I said that on my wedding night, but it’s been hilarious,” he said.

“I’ve gotten so many packs of Chicken Twisties at work from all my work friends, I had two mates rock up to my MAFS premiere wearing t-shirts with Chicken Twisties and my face on it.”