Meta Gala Outfits

Met Gala Outfit Hit and Misses 2022

The Met Gala takes place on the first Monday of May every year and this year’s theme, Gilded Glamour really gave celebs a lot to work with. From glamorous 18th century dresses to anything gold only a few celebrities were actually on theme this year and sadly there were a lot of misses. So without further ado here are my top five favourite Met Gala outfits with some honourable mentions and four of my least favourite Met Gala outfits from this years event!

1. Billie Eilish (Hit)

This Marie Antionette-esque corset look absolutely nails the mark for me. It’s super on theme which is rare to see these days but also has a bit of a modern twist on it with the black choker and laid-back bun hairstyle.

2. Genesis Suero (Hit)

This look by reporter Genesis Suero is so stunning I can’t believe a more high profiled celebrity didn’t wear it. This is an absolute win, it nails the theme with the dress style and the gold embellishments. I hope Genesis gets an invite every year from now on, a true sleeping beauty!

3. Shawn Mendes (Hit)

Shawn Mendes is the first male on my hits list for a reason, he didn’t just wear a plain black suit. This look gives me Disney prince vibes and I hope he continues to show up like he did this year in the coming years.

4. Laura Harrier (Hit)

Absolutely stunning. The dress and the gloves fit the theme so well and I love how she opted for black instead of gold to give it a more modern feel. Also, the makeup is so perfect, she looks like a real-life Tim Burton character.

5. Evan Mock (Hit)

I want this whole outfit. The yellow corset with the ruffled collar is the most perfect combo. This look is both on-theme and super trendy for 2022 as well. I guarantee you’ll be seeing a lot more of that yellow corset now.

6. Blake Lively and Dove Cameron (Honorable mentions)

These two looks are just super on theme and I can’t not mention them. Blake Lively’s ode to the statue of liberty is perfect and Dove Cameron wearing the bones of an 18th-century dress is the modern take this Met Gala needed.

7. Cara Delevigne (Miss)

Finally into the misses. I don’t even know what this is or what she’s trying to do, but I can’t stand this gold-plated top with red pants THAT DON’T MATCH AT ALL! If she wore a gold petticoat with red layers over the top, it may just work. Until next year Cara.

8. Cole Sprouse (Miss)

This could have been a moment if it fit him well. Someone needs to take this outfit to a seamstress and get it fitted properly. Also, I normally love pockets but I don’t see any point in the ones on his chest, they just make the look more complicated than it needs to be. Please consider your future life choices Cole xx

9. Austin Butler (Miss)

I had to mention Austin Butler because he is literally about to be in one of the biggest films of the year (The Elvis Biopic) and he still can’t wear anything more exciting than a black suit. Disappointing.

There you have it my Met Gala Outfit hits and misses for 2022. However, I think my favourite look of the night and an honourable mention is definitely this one. It’s probably the most on theme. Wouldn’t you agree Donkeh?