Melbourne’s Best Spots To Watch Fireworks This NYE Without Crowds

Melbourne’s Best Spots To Watch Fireworks This NYE Without Crowds

Believe it or not, 2021 is drawing to a close and despite the number of COVID-19 cases stubbornly hanging in the thousands, Melburnians are out in force, pounding the pavements of our fair city to shop, dine, be entertained, and just be out and about. The annual New Years Eve fireworks in the City of Melbourne are going ahead as of writing.

Despite the corona cases, I expect many to head into the city to marvel at the spectacle. That’s great, but that often means jostling among crowds, traffic jams, and potential long waits. For some that’s part of the experience, but if you’re like me (who once endured an epic two hour human traffic jam from the banks of the Yarra to somewhere as distant as Flinders Street Station) and prefer a bit more space, there are several spots you can catch the show without having to deal with the above mentioned.

For mine, these are definitely Melbourne’s best spots to watch fireworks this New Years Eve.

North Melbourne Station:

For those who live anywhere along the Werribee, Williamstown, Sunbury, Craigieburn or Upfield lines this is my pick. I would take a train down to North Melbourne Station minutes before midnight and watch from the balcony area at the southern end. You get a fine view of the city from the northwest, with Docklands in the foreground. Sure, you may not get to see the fireworks over the river, but they’re close, and basically just as bright and loud as if you were in the city. The best part is as soon as they end you can high-tail it on the next train and beat the hoards in comfort.


Those in the West especially will know that Williamstown – Willy – offers a great view of the city skyline from Gem Pier. Although the fireworks won’t be particularly loud or ‘in your face’, I do find there is something romantic about watching them from such a scenic view. The lights of the skyline reflected on the water framed by the masts of yachts and sailboats.

Port Melbourne Beach:

Fairly similar to Williamstown, but more convenient for those in the bayside and southeastern suburbs.

Ramsden Street Oval, Clifton Hill:

If you live in the northern or north-east suburbs, Ramsden Street Oval in Clifton Hill offers an elevated panoramic view of the city skyline where one can enjoy the fireworks in relative comfort. Plus you can enjoy a picnic and BBQ. It’s a fairly short walk to Clifton Hill train station.

Photo by Bezza84, can be found here