Maccas Releases Limited Edition Tim Tam McFlurry

Yes, you read that right! As of today (November 24th), Maccas have announced a very special addition to their dessert menu, none other than the Tim Tam McFlurry!

It seems as though this has taken all too long to come about – why did I never think of this?! So obvious and so simple, yet an absolute masterpiece!

The big question is whether this could be the epitome of McFlurry flavours, with Oreo and Mini M&M’s being all time classic favourites for most.

To snag your limited edition McFlurry, you’ll have to order exclusively through the Uber Eats app. If you’re more of a Maccas run kind of person, mark December 1st in your calendars to get your creamy pot of Tim Tam heaven in stores.

The Tim Tam McFlurry features the classic Maccas creamy soft serve ice cream and chocolate sauce, with crunchy biscuity Aussie favourite Tim Tam pieces mixed through.

We wonder if other Tim Tam flavours will appear on the McFlurry menu as well.

Imagining a gooey caramel or a rich dark choc Tim Tam McFlurry is making me absolutely lose it.

Could this summer possibly kick off any better!

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