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7 Insane Moments From This Season Of Love Island UK

Season 8 of Love Island UK is currently taking place in Mallorca and once again it has proven that it is the superior Love Island (which isn’t surprising as it is the original). 

This season’s cast are quickly becoming fan favourites, as the contestants are over the top with drama this year. Contestants are switching from partner to partner like it’s nothing and are starting fights and scandals for no good reason (other than to make good television). From Ekin-Su’s Oscar-worthy acting, to Lucas’ weird foot fetish, here are the most WTF moments of the season so far. 

1. Ekin-Su’s 007 crawling

The number one most insane moment so far definitely goes to Ekin-Su’s crawling on the Villa terrace to hide from Davide so she can kiss Jay. This solidified Ekin-Su’s place as someone who will constantly start drama and I’m honestly here for it. Ekin-Su so far is definitely the most entertaining contestant. 

2. Gemma’s ex entering The Villa

While this isn’t a surprise as bringing someone’s ex in is something that is right up Love Island’s alley, it was a major plot twist that was needed. I can’t imagine going on a reality TV show to find love and suddenly your ex turns up. It would be absolutely brutal. However, so far Gemma has been able to keep her cool. 

3. Davide’s Oscar worthy speech

“You are a liar, an actress, get out!” This speech by Davide after he found out about Ekin-Su’s sneaky kiss with Jay has got to be the most iconic line on Love Island. Maybe after season 5’s “I was coming back here to tell you that I loved you” from Amy to Curtis, but I reckon it’s a close second.  

4. Danika stealing Luca

Danika is quickly becoming a fan favorite because of her persistence in trying to find a connection and honestly when she stole Luca from Gemma, I was not mad because she was doing exactly what she wanted to do. Props to Danika for following her heart and giving us some drama on our televisions. 

5. Dami and Indiyah both re-coupling after Case Amour

After Dami’s behaviour in Casa Amour, I expected at least her to recouple but thank goodness Indiyah did as well. When Indiyah walked in with Deji it was the ultimate power move. Hopefully Indiyah and Deji continue to grow as a couple.  

6. Luca’s foot fetish

One of the funniest moments from the villa so far was when the night camera showed Luca sucking on Gemma’s toe. Now he’s joined the likes of Jake from season 7 with his confirmed foot fetish.  

7. Jacques choosing to stay with Paige after Case Amour

The most shocking recoupling moment so far was when Jacques chose to stay with Paige after all the grafting he had done during Casa Amour. Hopefully Paige realises what he’s done or the infamous movie night comes back and shows her, and she can recouple with someone who will treat her better.  

You can watch season 8 of Love Island UK on 9Now.

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