Johnathan “Caution” Binge A Road To A Visual EP

Johnathan “Caution” Binge: A Road To A Visual EP

From as young as 14 years old, Johnathan “Caution” Binge has been providing tracks packed with moody old school hip hop. Now at age 22, his work is ready to be shared with the world.

Signed, Dated is a compilation of songs written by Caution starting from 2014 and concluding in 2018. The EP unpacks Binge’s life experiences of growing up in residential care after the passing of his mother and how life’s disadvantages and oppressions can be turned around.

“The EP is all about variety”, both musically and aesthetically, all while “speaking on behalf of different people from my community who may share similar experiences,” Binge told The Fizzz

Signed, Dated follows a diary entry type of format, with Caution rapping candidly about his deepest thoughts and most personal experiences.

With the success of the EP’s release in July this year, Binge has so far released four of his visually captivating music videos. 

0:22 – Caution’s step into music

The first video to be released, directed by Nicholas Pileio. 0:22 was the initial video to be released, created to capture how writing music was Johnathan’s form of therapy.

Opportunity – Caution allowing himself to pursue music

Pileio and Binge tackle telling the story of Johnathan’s (as well as the wider Aboriginal community) experiences of prejudice and injustice within the system. These experiences ultimately lead to Binge rising up to pursue his career in music and Indigenous advocacy. 

Commotion – Caution’s foot in the door as a rapper

Filmed in his old stomping ground of Heidelberg West in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, it was decided that this music video would be filmed on a VHS camera as a nod to Binge’s childhood.

All For One is Caution’s most recent music video release, produced by Tenth Dan, featuring an animated Binge rapping with his brothers, niece, nephews and cousins standing united behind him. 

Signed, Dated has allowed Binge to express himself creatively in every way that he chooses- no barriers and no limits.

Track 5 titled ‘Mum’ is Binge’s favourite song and music video from the EP, set to be released later this year. You can stay tuned for updates here.

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