Iconic Outfits From Euphoria That Are Casual Enough To Wear Everyday

Iconic Outfits From Euphoria That Are Casual Enough To Wear Everyday

One thing about the show Euphoria is that it’s definitely going to give you some unique outfit inspiration. The clothes the characters wear are insanely cool, but they’re not super practical for your everyday life. So I decided to compile a list of the most iconic Euphoria outfits that are actually practical for everyday wear.

1. Fez’s Green Jumper

Fez is by far my favourite character and literally, anything he wears is automatically style goals. This green jumper and jeans combo is super easy to recreate. Grab a knit jumper, your favourite pair of black jeans, your favourite white sneakers and you’re good to go!

2. Cassie’s Double Denim Moment

This outfit is basically just a double denim moment in pink, but you could use any coloured denim to recreate it. Cassie’s outfits are usually always very over the top, but this one is a lot more casual. All you need is a denim jacket, jeans, and some matching coloured sneakers.

3. Lexis Bike riding fit

This fit is super 70s inspired. Honestly, I think that Lexi’s outfits from the show are my favourite to recreate and actually wear, cause they’re super stylish, yet also pretty simple. To get this look wear some checked flares, a cardigan and some loafers.

4. Cassie’s dress and headphone moment

This one’s a bit more dressy, but I am absolutely in love with this outfit. Plus all you need to recreate this look is a black and white dress and wired headphones. Super casual and super cute.

5. Fez’s Striped Jumper

Another one of my favourite Fez outfits. I love the look of this mock neck long sleeve and you definitely could find something similar to this at your local thrift store.

6. Rue’s Detective Fit

I know this outfit is technically a costume but if you remove the detective badge, this is such a good outfit for everyday wear. To recreate this look, all you need is a white tank top, light brown shirt in addition with brown khakis or brown linen pants for a more stylish look.

7. Maddy’s Blue Monochrome Look

This is by far my favourite Maddy outfit. This look only requires a white tank top, blue jeans, and a matching blue beret, which are super trendy right now. You should easily be able to find one at pretty much any big clothing store.

8. Jules’s Train To The City Look

Jules’s outfits are usually very costume-like, but this one is honestly the perfect outfit to wear when going on a long train ride (or anywhere really). All you need is a grey knit dress, white hoodie, and of course some wired headphones so you can listen to some euphoria-inspired music on your long train journey.

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