Iconic Food From Christmas Films You’ll Want to Recreate Over the Holidays

Iconic Food From Christmas Films You’ll Want to Recreate Over the Holidays

Have you ever watched a Christmas movie on an empty stomach and suddenly gotten food envy over what the characters are eating on screen? Because same. Here are my top five favourite foods from Christmas films that you’ll want to recreate. I can guarantee eating these foods while watching these movies will give you the ultimate Christmas movie viewing experience.

Hot Chocolate from The Polar Express

Ever since I watched this film for the first time as a kid, I’ve always wanted to try the hot chocolate. Already being a massive chocolate fiend, the hot chocolate looks insanely good and super easy to recreate. All you’ll need is hot chocolate powder, milk and mini marshmallows.

Christmas Fettuccine from The Holiday

I never thought Christmas and fettuccine went together, but I’ve changed my mind after watching The Holiday. This pasta honestly looks incredible! Easily recreate this fettuccine at home by using some fresh fettuccine, Alfredo pasta sauce, basil, cherry tomatoes and some parmesan cheese to top it all off.

The Quaffle Waffle from Let It Snow

A waffle shaped into a Quaffle (a ball used in Quidditch from Harry Potter) looks so freaking good and super easy to recreate. All you need to do is make four waffles and shape them into a ball, super easy and super delicious.

The Christmas Feast from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

This one is extremely iconic. The feast in the Great Hall during the The Goblet of Fire looks absolutely insane, giving off Christmassy and cosy vibes. To recreate this one, make a classic Christmas dinner with turkey and every comfort food like mash potatoes and pies.

The Cake from The Princess Switch

This would definitely take a lot more skill and time than the others, but I reckon it would be a great Christmas challenge. To recreate this, make your favourite vanilla sponge, layer it with cream and jam and decorate with Christmas coloured icing!

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