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How I Met Your Mother vs How I Met Your Father: 6 Times The Reboot Referenced The Original

The How I Met Your Mother reboot How I Met Your Father has the same type of humour as the OG series, as well as familiar filming locations. The reboot constantly references the original series. How I Met Your Father follows the main character Sophie, as she tells the story to her son about how she met his father. Here are six times the reboot referenced the original and gave us the most legen…wait for it…Dary! nostalgia for the original How I Met Your Mother.

1. Ted, Marshall, and Lily’s Apartment is now Jesse and Sid’s Apartment

In the first episode, Sophie goes and visits her new friends Jesse and Sid’s apartment. To the audience’s surprise, the apartment is actually Ted, Marshall, and Lily’s apartment from the original series.

2. “Old Married Couple”

When Jesse tells Sophie where he got the apartment from, Jesse states it was sold to him by an “old married couple”, which we can only assume is Marshall and Lily as they moved out of their apartment in the How I Met Your Mother finale.

3. The Captain

The iconic character from the original series, The Captain, makes an appearance in the finale episode of How I Met Your Father.

4. The swords

Ted and Marshall’s swords from the original show now are displayed over Jesse and Sid’s fireplace. A subtle but cute homage to the original series.

5. MacLaren’s Pub

In episode 10 of the reboot, Sophie wanders into MacLaren’s pub, the pub hangout of the original cast in How I Met Your Mother.

6. Robins’s appearance in the season finale

Finally, the most iconic reference to the original series is definitely Robin Scherbatsky’s appearance in the finale of the new series.

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