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5 Highly-Anticipated Horror Films of 2022 – From Indie To Blockbuster

2022 is looking like the year for horror film releases. With films with Jordan Peele to Olivia Wilde and from slashers to straight-up eerily creepy films, there are plenty of reasons for a horror movie fan to go to the theatre this year. And who knows? Maybe some new cult classic and iconic horror films will emerge for horror fans to obsess over for years to come. Without further ado, here is a list of the top five most anticipated horror films of 2022.

1. Nope (July 2022)

Jordan Peele’s third horror release after Get Out (2017) and Us (2019) is set to be a wild ride. After the success of his first two films, there’s no doubt that there are high expectations. So far from the trailer, the film is about horses, rodeos, aliens and perhaps even shapeshifting? The trailer leads to many conspiracies about what the film is actually about, which makes me even more excited for the release, as I have no idea what to expect.

2. Don’t Worry Darling (September 2022)

A thriller involving Harry Styles, Florence Pugh, and Olivia Wilde? Say less. This film is said to take place in the 1950s in Palm Springs and involves a cult. Directed by Olivia Wilde, the teaser trailer makes me super excited about the 50s-inspired set and costumes of the film.

3. Salem’s Lot (September 2022)

While no trailer has been released yet, this remake of Stephen King’s classic 1975 novel is the vampire horror I think a lot of us have been waiting for to fill the twilight-sized hole in our hearts. However, this film is definitely going to be a lot darker and scarier than Twilight.

Salem’s Lot (2022) via IMDb

4. Bodies, Bodies, Bodies (August 2022)

This film is an A24 slasher film about a group of friends stuck in a mansion during a storm – honestly the perfect beginning to any slasher film. The cast includes Pete Davidson and Amandla Stenberg and looks like it could become a cult classic slasher film for years to come. While no trailer yet been released yet, you can take a lot the film poster below.

5. Men (June 2022)

Another A24 release, but this time set in the calming and peaceful English countryside. However, something tells me this movie is going to be anything but peaceful. The plot seems to involve a young girl moving to the English countryside, when she suddenly realises that someone may be stalking her.

What are your top horror films for 2022?!

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