Hidden Beaches In Victoria You Must Go To This Summer

It’s quite common that when the summer hits, Victorian’s pack their bags and head up north. Whether it be to Byron Bay in NSW or the Gold Coast in Queensland, I’d call them stupid for not exploring the stunning hidden beaches on Victoria’s coastlines.

Although the weather in Victoria can be super unpredictable, there are heaps of stunning beaches that will make you feel in paradise! And no we aren’t talking about St Kilda, Elwood or Williamstown! We are taking a look at the best hidden beaches that Victoria has to offer.

Whisky Bay – Wilson’s Prom

Located three hours from the CBD, this little gem in Wilson’s Prom is super quiet with crystal clear water and surrounded by huge granite boulders. It is a bit of a hike from the carpark but there are some nice scenes along the way for photographers. A perfect place to watch a sunset and take in all the views from one of the best beaches in the state.

Point King – Portsea

The secret has come out a bit more in recent years but has limited public access. If you’re a passionate beach-goer, then please don’t let this stop you from going! Surrounded by some of the nicest mansions in Portsea, the beach can be found if you walk to the end of Point King Road and take the hidden path leading to wooden stairs down to Point King Beach.

Hidden Beaches In Victoria You Must Go To This Summer
Photo by Essiewingrove from here

Waratah Bay Beach

The best bit about this hidden beach is the fact that you could walk for miles and not see a single soul – yes even in summer. Situated in South Gippsland, Waratah Bay is 180 kilometres away from the CBD, but offers pristine panoramic views of Wilsons Prom. Waratah Bay stretches from Walkerville to Sandy Point ,making it perfect for stunning beach walks and even a game of beach cricket with its flat surface.

Hidden Beaches In Victoria You Must Go To This Summer
Imagine a game of beach cricket on this stunning deck! Photo by platy11 from here

Refuge Cove – Wilsons Prom

Anyone who goes here deserves a fair bit of credit. This one involves a hike through the stunning surroundings of Wilsons Prom and can take a bit of a calf workout to get to. You may need to camp to enjoy the beaches but lucky for you, this beach has camping facilities. Once you make it, you’ll take in the scenes of the surrounding forest and will enjoy beautiful beach walks, camping, swimming and fishing.

Hidden Beaches In Victoria You Must Go To This Summer
Photo by Dazjet n family from here

Red Rocks Beach – Point Addis

No this isn’t a gourmet chip flavour, but it’s a delicious option for a hidden beach to attend. Situated between Torquay and Anglesea, Red Rocks beach has pretty much been untouched by foot and offers the perfect little hideaway for a picnic and a dip!

Hidden Beaches In Victoria You Must Go To This Summer
Photo via Tripadviser

Half Moon Bay – Black Rock

It may be a common boat dock, but Half Moon Bay is a great swimming spot via the southern corner. It also has good waves for a surf and a pier for fishing! Take in the stunning views beneath the coastal hedge cliffs and just relax. Finish the day with a meal from Cerberus Beach House restaurant, a perfect spot to watch the sunset.

Hidden Beaches In Victoria You Must Go To This Summer
Photo by Alpha from here

Kerferd Road Pier – Albert Park

Want to avoid the 10,000 people across the ditch at St Kilda beach? This is the perfect alternative! Located on Melbourne’s coastline along Beaconsfield Parade, Kerferd Road Pier is a cute pocket with cafe’s and MUCH cleaner toilets. There’s even a playground for the little ones!

Kerferd Road Pier, Port Melbourne | Enjoying the Winter suns… | Flickr
Photo by Alpha from here