Four Reasons Why KFC Is More Than Just Finger Licking Good - It's The Superior To Food Rivals Maccas

Four Reasons Why KFC Is More Than Just Finger Licking Good – It’s The Superior To Food Rivals Maccas

McDonald’s or ‘Maccas’ as it’s commonly known amongst us Aussies, is a place that we all hold close to our hearts. It’s the food joint that has always delivered. From growing up going to Maccas birthday parties – which sure made our childhoods infinitely better, to when we needed it after a big night out.

But if we’re being honest – convenience and nostalgia aside, it’s not the best show in town. While the house of Ronald McDonald has it perks, it’s the alter at the church of Colonel Sanders which we should all be kneeling at and worshipping as the superior fast-food outlet.

With that being said, here’s four reasons why KFC is superior to its golden arched rivals.

1. Quality over Quantity

Firstly KFC gets the notion that quality is better than quantity. Specialising in chicken, KFC understands the philosophy that it’s better to do one thing well than ten things poorly.’

Taste is the most important concept when it comes to food, and though Maccas certainly boasts a larger range to order from, none of them really slap too hard. Although KFC provides you with a menu of just chicken, it doesn’t miss.

And though Maccas by no means serves ‘bad food’, it’s just not on the level as KFC- plain and simple.

2. Better Tasting Staple Menu Items

KFC additionally has a better staple menu item than Maccas. Take for example the most popular showcase Maccas item- the Big Mac. The double-stacked beef burger which has been part of Maccas identity for decades now, and though it’s popular selling millions worldwide each year, it’s got nothing on the Zinger burger.

Let’s face it, the reality of the Big Mac never meets expectations. You see the commercials, you see what it looks like on the menu, yet what you get served never matches what is advertised.

Pretty sloppy Big Mac (Credit: Guilty Pleasures – Big Mac Combo by Gabriel Li)

Seeing what the burger actually looks like once you’ve opened the box and comparing to how it looked on the menu, you feel like Homer Simpson after he failed when building his BBQ- depressed and questioning “why doesn’t mine look like that?”. To top it off, the burger doesn’t taste that great either.

The Zinger burger whether in single or stacker form, mostly resembles the item you’re ordering off the menu and is tastier. It’s also a more simple burger than the Big Mac. The Zinger proves that less is more, with the spicy chicken strips, lettuce and mayo making for a great treat.

There are also other Maccas chicken menu items that don’t stack up when compared to KFC. The McChicken burger is no match for the original recipe burger and I’ll take the Popcorn Chicken everyday of the week before the poor excuse of McBites they serve at Maccas. It seems when it comes to chicken, Maccas is serving the Aldi versions of KFC menu items.

3. KFC serves chips and not fries

Chips are an important part of any fast-food meal deal- a nice side dish that compliments everything, and while both KFC and Maccas serve up the potato favourite, KFC is the one that do it better opting to serve actual chips rather than French fries.

Not only are the thicker chips healthier because they absorb less fat when being fried, but are more flavoursome thanks to chicken salt. Recently many Aussies have been taking to social media to flex KFC’s chips superiority over the American KFC recipe.

Maggie spitting straight fax!

4. KFC actually fills you up

And lastly, I might be diving into conspiracy theories here, but I am convinced that Maccas is putting something in their food that makes you stay hungry because I don’t feel satisfied after eating there.

Whether they’re intentionally putting stuff in their food that keeps you craving so you order more, or if it’s just a reaction that it gives you, but their food is just never filling.

With KFC on the other hand, you’ll finish the meal with stomach cramps and feel like you don’t need to eat for the rest of your life. If you’re not feeling full after KFC then you’re not doing it right.

Live action shot of me eating the dirty bird!

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