Comforting Video Games That Are Almost As Good As Meditating

Comforting Video Games That Are Almost As Good As Meditating

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the benefits of meditating and perhaps have even partaken in the activity ourselves, but sometimes I find it a little boring and would rather actively do something while my mind is resting. Video games are certainly one of those things! So without further ado, I have compiled a list of the top five most comforting video games that are perfect to help you relax and require little to pretty much no actual attention.

1. Stardew Valley

This one is an absolute classic. What’s better than a farming simulator to help you unwind after a stressful day? Literally nothing. Stardew Valley revolves around a little character who has moved to a new town and has to set up a farm. You can interact with the townies and uncover the secrets of the town because trust me, there are loads to uncover.

2. Unpacking

This one is for everyone out there who loves to watch montages of people cleaning and organising to relax. If you already regularly clean your room to chill out, the next best thing is to help someone do it in a video game. The game revolves around unpacking characters’ objects into their rooms, it’s extremely satisfying and also super aesthetic.

3. Minecraft

Another classic. While Minecraft can definitely be fast-paced and action-packed, if you set the mode to peaceful and go into creative, you can spend your time building your dream house without the worry of monsters or not having enough materials. Plus the music in Minecraft is already super calming which definitely adds to the whole relaxed atmosphere of the game.

4. Walking Simulator

Ahhh yes, walking simulator, why go for a walk when you can….ANYWAYS! This post-apocalyptic game is exactly what it sounds like. Within this game, you’re the only person left on earth and all you have to do is deliver a package from one point to another. Sound easy enough? That’s because it is.

5. Animal Crossing

The all-time ultimate comforting video game. This one’s a no-brainer figuratively and literally because you really don’t need to focus much at all. A lot of us grew up playing Animal Crossing on our Nintendo’s but seriously, the newest version of the game is even more calming! Decorate your town, become friends with the townies, and pick up shells. There’s not much more that can be as calming as that!

Which comforting video games will you use in your next meditation session?

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