5 Carry-On Travel Essentials You Need For Your Next Holiday

Carry-On Travel Essentials You Need For Your Next Holiday

With travelling back on the cards (and hopefully staying on the cards), the feeling of rushing through the airport and boarding a plane couldn’t come with more excitement. Whether you’re packing a handbag, backpack or small suitcase for carry-on luggage, it’s what’s inside that counts. Here are five carry-on travel essentials you can’t forget on your next holiday.

Silk Travel Pillow and Eye-mask

We all know the importance of a good sleep, but what about the importance of a good pillowcase? This Slip travel sized silk pillowcase and eye mask is packed with beauty benefits like reducing split ends and frizz, as well as keeping skin nice and hydrated. Who says napping aboard had to compromise on sleep quality and beauty? 


It’s assumed that you would be packing some UVA/B SPF for your getaway, but did you know you should also be applying it before your flight (especially if you’ve got a window seat). Be sure to have this little guy handy in your carry-on!

Migrastick Essential Oil Roll-on

If you’re one to suffer from migraines and headaches, this convenient mini roll on is great at relieving any discomfort. Packed with natural lavender and peppermint essential oils, you will feel at ease on your flight.

Ceramic Tumbler

Enjoy your favourite warm beverage on board with this cute reusable tumbler. Expertly made so that it maintains its liquid temperature for hours and tastes the way your barista intended.

Moisturising Hand Sanitiser

We all know that excessive hand-washing and hand sanitiser use does damage to your skin (my cracked hands are crying). That’s why a moisturising hand sanitiser is just the item you need that will combat dry hands, while still staying Covid safe. 

Be sure not to forget these handy carry-on travel essentials when you’re flying this Summer!

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