Can An Anime Opening Get You To Watch a Show

Can An Anime Opening Get You To Watch a Show?

How do you go about finding a new show? Do you search up reviews? Go off a friend’s suggestion? Or do you scroll through the mountain of streaming services trying to find something even remotely interesting? Finding something new to watch can definitely be a tedious experience, especially when it comes to anime. If you can relate to these (first world) problems, listen up because I’ve got the solution- anime openings.

Openings are a staple of anime, they consist of different characters and moments from the show, all set to usually J-rock or J-pop songs (with a few exceptions). Not only are they usually catchy songs to listen to by themselves (even if I don’t understand a word that’s being said), but they can also provide a snapshot into what the show is about. Its characters, themes and art style can all be showcased through the opening. It’s as simple as finding a show that looks vaguely interesting, searching up the show name with op at the end and then diving straight in.

This strategy can lead to you finding your next favourite show.

From personal experience, recently I watched both The Rising of the Shield Hero and Fire Force purely because of the openings. What started as a simple YouTube search and random chance on social media, allowed me to find two shows that I now consider some of my favourites. Sure, the openings spoiled a little bit- especially Fire Force, but without the context, they could barely be considered spoilers and allowed me to watch shows that I thoroughly enjoyed.

On the other hand, though, sometimes an anime can have an absolute banger of opening but end up being one of the biggest dumpster fires you have ever seen

Speaking again from experience with Domestic Girlfriend. This opening is an absolute bop and I decided to watch this show purely because of it, in a genre I didn’t usually watch. The first half was alright, but then it takes a nosedive into garbage and doesn’t come up for air. After completing the series, I felt like I wasted most of my time, with the exception for the opening for every episode- that shit still slapped every single time.

When it comes to watching an anime based purely on the opening, you are essentially playing Russian roulette with your time, but you just can’t stop playing- testing your luck constantly. I’m about to play again with both Black Clover and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime which both have banger openings. Even if these shows also end up being a waste of time, I at least will have the first 1 minute and 30 seconds to look forward to and maybe a few more songs for my playlist.