The Batman A New Kind of Dark Knight

The Batman: A New Kind of Dark Knight

Riddle me this, what’s dark, rainy, and one of the better superhero films in recent years? If you’ve read the title then you already know the answer, The Batman. Directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson as a young caped crusader, The Batman is an enjoyable new take on Batman. Instead of big explosions, there are riddles (although there still are plenty of explosions). If you’re on the fence about seeing this new Batman, allow me to give you the rundown on this 3-hour long detective joyride.


The first question you probably have about The Batman is a simple one, is Robert Pattinson a good Batman.

The short answer is yes, absolutely, one of the better portrayals of the character on the big screen. Pattinson is able to provide that classic intimidating presence that all fans expect from Batman, as well as allowing for the detective side of the character to take on a more prominent role.

The Batman Warner Bros 2022

Pattinson isn’t the only stand performance though; the supporting cast are also a joy to watch.

Zoe Kravitz, Colin Farrell, Paul Dano, and Andy Serkis are all excellent additions as well. Each actor provides a new perspective of these classic characters whilst still staying true to the source material. Colin Farrell in particular is almost unrecognizable as the Penguin unless you already knew going in. That man had enough plastic on him to create at least 50 toy penguins. It might seem odd to have such a large number of classic Batman characters in one film, but the plot progresses in a way that provides each character their time to shine.

The Batman is the detective movie you never knew you needed.

Unlike the dark knight’s previous silver screen outings, The Batman has a much larger focus on the detective side of the character. Whilst the previous films did have glimpses of Batman’s detective skills, they were never centre stage. That’s completely different in The Batman as the entire film is one long mystery, which is definitely a nice change of pace from constant action and explosions.

The Batman, Warner Bros (2022)

It doesn’t feel like three hours

The three-hour run time can be a tad intimidating, but trust me, it doesn’t feel like it. Combining the film long detective story with a handful of additional storylines makes this three-hour film feel like two. From learning about Selina Kyle to the workings of the Gotham crime world, you’ll always be learning something new about Gotham. The best part about all of this is the way the film is able to move between each plot point without feeling rushed. The flow of the plot along with the characters make this one of the better Batman stories to date.

Rain, rain, and more rain

One of the things you’ll probably notice within the first hour of the film is that there is a lot of rain. Like, a lot, like so much that you wonder how the city hasn’t flooded yet. The most likely reason for this is that Batman just seems cooler when set in the rain, moodier too. It also adds to the already incredible settings, making you feel like you’re in a dark and damp crime ridden city.

The Batman, Warner Bros (2022)

That’s a nice car

The last thing I want to touch on is something that I think is the one of the best additions to the film, the new Batmobile. I mean, it looks so cool, with the blue flames, that old dodge challenger vibe, and the fact it makes that cool as all hell fire jump that’s shown in the trailer. It’s just really cool and when you watch the film, you’ll join me in thinking that it’s really cool. I still kinda like the 2016 Batmobile a little bit more but in all honesty my opinion changes every other Tuesday.

The Batman, Warner Bros (2022)

The Batman is a refreshing new take on the Batman character. It tells a unique detective story surrounded by excellent world building and a stellar supporting cast. Robert Pattinson nails this younger version of the character, providing a more analytical and emo version of Bruce Wayne. Also, he has a super cool car which is always a plus in my book. If you have any interest in the character, previous Batman films, or just think this film looks neat, check out The Batman, you won’t be disappointed (unless you hate the rain).

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