Oh, I remember that Australian commercials

“Oh, I Remember That!” Australian Commercials – Part 1

Do you ever have those moments where you reminisce about your childhood? Whether it’s the things you consumed, the shows you watched, or even the ways you spent your Saturday night, this is for you.

Welcome to ‘Oh, I remember that’, a series that rediscovers the nostalgia surrounding Australian culture. Today’s edition will look at nine Australian commercials that will have you saying ‘Oh, I remember that’.

Australian commercials today are nothing like they used to be. For the majority, ridiculous, annoying and stupid are three words which accurately describe the current commercial landscape. Although there was a time not so long ago, where people would stayed glued to their televisions, to watch their favourite ads. It would get to the point where you would recite them word for word. So here is a list of those legendary ads that had you hooked. 

Carlton Draught – It’s a big ad (2005)

It’s not until 30 seconds in that you realise what this ad is for, but when you do, you’re left thinking what else could it have been? Dubbed by famous composition “O Fortuna”, Carlton Draught treated us to this choreographed masterpiece, which had the humorous lyrics to match. Now this is a big ad.   

National Confectionary Company – Don’t chop the dinosaur daddy (2005)

Another elite Australian commercial from 2005, the National Confectionary Company generated one of the most iconic advertising catchphrases in history. As a father and daughter share a packet of jellies amongst each other, the daughter gets apprehensive when her dad pulls out the dinosaur. What happens next provides viewers with a good laugh.     

Yellow Pages – Not happy Jan (2000)

There are some ads which might be made famous by its jingle or the narrative that it portrays, but this Yellow Pages commercial is widely renowned for their iconic catchphrase. A catchphrase so iconic, it has been etched into the vernacular of Australians ever since. I’ll just leave it at that, you figure out the rest. 

Banana Boat – Talking Baby (2003)

A catchy jingle with a talking baby, what more could you want? This sunscreen advert looks like something out of the Look Who’s Talking franchise, but is hilarious nevertheless. The remix of the Banana Boat song also makes the commercial rewatchable. 

Cadbury – Wouldn’t it be nice? (2002)

Wouldn’t it? With a catchy jingle, and a short animation which makes your mouth water, Cadbury produced a commercial which will still be iconic in another 20 years. A universe where everything from the people, to the car are made from Cadbury chocolate, the 30-second clip is enough for you to wish that you could teleport there. 

Kia – The message (2010)

“Don’t push me cause I’m close to the EDGE.” Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday. This Kia commercial indicated [pardon the pun] that the Kia Sportage is more than just a car that gets you from point A to point B. Grandmaster Melle Mel and Scorpio of Furious Five made cameo appearances to provide that extra ingredient.  

Pauls – Milk that taste like real milk (2004)

If there’s a commercial that could encapsulate the significance of advertising in Australia, it would be this very ad. This 30 second video has nostalgia written over it in capital letters, using a permanent marker. It features one of the simplest concepts for a commercial, but what comes of it is nothing short of brilliant. 

Bigpond – Great Wall of China (2005)

Another ad that provides the laughs. Young children asking their parents random questions are a part of everyday life, which can include questions that the parents have no idea about. This can lead to a thing called a made-up story. The moral of the story, do not use your parents as a definitive source for your school project!    

Valvoline – You know what I mean (2009)

When then Australian captain Ricky Ponting replaced John Laws as the face of Valvoline, it was unexpected as to how he would be portrayed. Although when you have an Australian sporting icon as the poster boy, then you should expect a great commercial, which is exactly what we got with this special; And that catchphrase like ‘not happy Jan’ is a staple in every Australian’s vocabulary. 

Are we missing any of your favourite nostalgic Australian commercials?

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