Arnott’s Fried Chicken Shapes May Just Be The GOAT

Move over Chicken Crimpy, you’re just not that good anymore!

Arnott’s dropped a bombshell when it released its new Fried Chicken and Cheesy Garlic Pizza Shapes flavours earlier this month, with the new chicken flavour quickly taking people by surprise.

It sent social media into a storm with some likening the new Fried Chicken flavour to the Colonels original recipe!

“Literally tried them yesterday and thought the exact same thing, too good,” one commented.

“My partner ate these the other day and basically inhaled the whole box,” Another commented.

I’m not this persons partner but I also smashed a box of these the other day, and let me tell you, they are the best flavour. And while I don’t think they entirely taste like KFC, there’s certainly a nice crunch to flavour ratio which makes you wanna keep rustling that hand back in the box for more!

Arnott’s revealed that the new flavours have been inspired by its classic Pizza and Chicken Crimpy Shapes, but with a modern twist.

Arnott’s Fried Chicken and Cheesy Garlic Pizza are currently available to purchase from Coles and Woolworths supermarkets for around $3.20 a pack.