A Dummies Guide To Buying a Smartphone In 2022

A Dummies Guide To Buying a Smartphone In 2022

So, you’ve decided that it’s finally time to buy a new phone. You’ve had enough of playing your luck, seeing if your phone unlocks once every five tries. You’re tired of lugging around a power bank, permanently attached just so that it can last the day. Most importantly, you’ve sacrificed enough trips to the pub to have an ideal budget for that shiny new smartphone.

So, where do you start?

Snap! Cameras in demand

google smartphone

Today, smartphone cameras are one of the first categories that people often consider when purchasing a new device. A camera that can take superb photos AND videos is essential if you document your life or are in a creative industry.

Most people would say that the best cameras always go to the highest-end models from Apple or Samsung. While that is true to some degree, you’d be surprised that the best don’t always win photo of the year.

The annual ‘Blind Smartphone Camera test’ series from Marques Brownlee’s YouTube channel, shows that the average person who uses their phone to snap a photo doesn’t need the biggest sensor or “pro” camera software to be satisfied with an Instagram worthy photo. It comes down to how well the phone is optimised to use its hardware to give you the best results.  

In 2022, my budget pick for the best camera would go to the Google Pixel 5a. Have a higher budget? Apple’s standard iPhone 13 or Samsung’s new S22 series (non-ultra) will give you fantastic cameras for both.

Finally, for content creators who need a top-of-the-line device for producing high-quality content, the iPhone 13 Pro Max or Google Pixel 6 Pro is for you.

How long does it last? Battery endurance is essential!

Batteries are the second most sought after feature on smartphones today. Long gone are the days with the old Nokia brick phone only needing a weekly charge.

Smartphones today trade that privilege, requiring a lot of power to give you an all around better experience. Don’t worry, because most of the major smartphone manufacturers today know that and are fixing it.

New technology, such as variable refresh-rate screens, give you a smoother experience. It also makes sure that your phone is sipping battery juice like it’s on a diet. If you do find yourself needing to charge, options include wireless charging all the way to the extreme of charging your phone from 0-100 in just half an hour.

If you’re curious, the BEST battery performing phones are Samsung’s S21 Ultra and Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max. Based on the battery endurance test from Mrwhosetheboss’s YouTube channel.

Green or blue bubble? The great smartphone OS debate

Android smartphone

We all know this great debate between the Apple and Android fanboys. It’s like asking someone whether they prefer pancakes or waffles, tea or coffee and for the anime fans out there Rem or Emelia.

I’m not getting into that debate but rather share with you some of the pros and cons about both. Both have different characteristics that will benefit you depending on how you use your phone on a daily basis.

If you’re already in Apple’s ecosystem then getting an iPhone with iOS is no question for you. Seamless files sharing through AirDrop or connecting various Bluetooth devices is literally a piece of cake. Creating content is also pretty straightforward for iOS users. The iPhone’s fantastic video capturing quality and intuitive design makes uploading your newest TikTok or Instagram worthy photo a breeze.

Everyone else outside of Tim Cook’s reach can enjoy the freedoms of the Android OS depending on which smartphone you purchase. Android shares a lot of similar features with iOS when it comes to taking photos and sharing videos.

Yet the green droid comes with an extra cherry on top, the ability to download Android Package Kits (APK). APK allows people to have a buffet of apps they want to use or programmers to test out apps they’re developing. The secret to success in Android is knowing the best combination of themes, apps and widgets for you.

Final thoughts before buying your smartphone

Which smartphone?

While you can objectively compare smartphones based on their technical specs, your IDEAL smartphone will be based on YOUR preferences. Consider your lifestyle, keep your budget in mind and choose the best Pokémon– I mean smartphone for you.

For more information on Samsung’s recent February event click here and here’s a list of Apple’s major events this year. Keep in mind the information is subject to change depending on the latest announcements, but be sure to stay tuned!

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