6 Things You Can do in Melbourne if You're Spending Christmas Alone

6 Things You Can do in Melbourne if You’re Spending Christmas Alone

While many across Melbourne are busy making plans for the big day by getting together with family and friends for celebration and feasting, there will also be many who won’t be doing so.

Whether you’re unable to be with loved ones, have no one to be with (and there’s no shame in that!) or just don’t celebrate Christmas, here are a few things you can do this Saturday in Melbourne.

Hit the City

For those who’ve never been in the CBD on Christmas Day, you might be surprised at how busy it is! With crowds of people, many appreciating the Christmas lights and decorations and many restaurants open. If you’re craving great food, head into the city and stuff your face! There’s also nothing more Christmassy than marvelling at our city’s decorations on the day itself.


I used to live in Footscray, and can attest it almost feels like a normal business day. If you’re craving a banh mi, a bowl of pho or some com ta (broken rice), head a little West to this Vietnamese hub and enjoy some Vietnamese food.

Melbourne Zoo or Aquarium

Yep, both the zoo and aquarium are open on Christmas Day and make a diverting day out. I’ve never been on Christmas Day, but I’m sure the animals you encounter there will be a little more tolerable than the human animals you may have to put up with!

Parks and Gardens

Melbourne is blessed with many parks and gardens, most of which are public and free to enter. Aside from our world-class Botanic Gardens, there are plenty of places for a relaxing Christmas Day. With Fitzroy Gardens, Carlton Gardens, Alexandra Gardens and Flagstaff Gardens just to name a few!

Free Public Transport

Take advantage of free public transport on Christmas Day to explore the city. You can joyride on the trains, trams or buses, exploring all the diverse neighbourhoods of Melbourne to your heart’s content!

Melbourne Beaches

We know the popular beaches will be fairly busy, but there are many less-thronged stretches of sand by the bay in Melbourne where you can breathe in that fresh salty ocean air and let yourself be calmed by the expanse of blue.

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