5 British Rom-Coms You Can Live Your Cottagecore Dreams Through

5 British Rom-Coms To Live Your Cottagecore Dreams Through

British rom-com’s are the perfect movie to make you feel cozy, happy, and extremely content. They’re also the classic comfort movie – and what’s more comforting than a cozy cottage? Here are 5 British rom-com’s that have cottages that will make you want to pack your bags and move to the English countryside giving you the ultimate cottagecore vibes.

1. The Holiday

First up, the cottage in The Holiday has been my dream house ever since I first watched this movie. The bookcases, the bathtub, and the tiny door give it extremely cozy vibes. Not to mention the snowy farmland outside is so aesthetic, it makes you want to have a hot chocolate in front of the fireplace.

2. About Time

Tim’s childhood home in About Time is insanely over the top, yet it still has that cottagecore vibe. Set in Cornwall – which is already a classic cozy British place, the house is very neutral however somehow still feels lived in, which is a very big part of the cottagecore aesthetic. Plus the fact that it’s by the beach in Cornwall which is a pretty cold place makes you want to bunk up inside with a cup of tea.

3. Death at a Funeral

This movie is definitely more of a straight-up comedy than a romantic comedy, however the house that the movie is set in is very quintessentially British and gives maximum cottagecore vibes. Everything from the steep staircase to the creeping vines at the front of the house makes for a very cozy and British watch.

4. Love Actually

This is an obvious one, but the French Chateau where Colin Firth’s character goes to hideaway and write gives me all the cottagecore feels. It makes me want to pack up everything, move into a remote cottage on a lake in the middle of nowhere and write a novel on a typewriter every time I watch it.

Love Actually Cottage - 5 British Rom-Coms You Can Live Your Cottagecore Dreams Through
Via Universal Pictures (2003)

5. Four Weddings and a Funeral

This pub from Four Weddings and a Funeral gives off extreme cottagecore vibes. The Black and white style, thatched roof, and the fact that it looks like a classic country pub in the English countryside, leaves you feeling warm and cozy whenever you watch this film.

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