11 Times Normal People Had Weird Hidden Talents

11 Times Normal People Had Weird Hidden Talents

Do you have a weird hidden talent? Maybe you have the ability to solve a rubix cube in under 10 seconds, or memorise the entire Bee Movie script. We’ve searched the highs and lows of the internet to bring you 11 times normal people had weird hidden talents.

1. Something we all wish we had

The permanent trauma I have from the iPhone alarms could’ve been prevented if I had this ability.

2. This got dark very quickly

I’m really not sure if this is considered a weird hidden talent or not.

3. You know what? Good on you

I just know you wouldn’t have forgotten the pickles in my cheeseburger 🥲

4. Massive Vampire Diaries vibes

Very cool, but now I’m concerned my doppelgänger is going to steal my identity.

5. How is this possible?

Video proof or it didn’t happen!

6. I’m calling BS on this

Mate, there’s no f**king way this happened. How are you alive?

7. Tryna slide into Guinness World Records like:

Please refrain from decapitating yourself.


The amount of awkward and uncomfortable encounters this would’ve prevented if I knew how to do this.

9. Cool, I guess?

I’m not sure when this talent will come in handy, but this article is titled weird hidden talents, not practical hidden talents, so I guess it’s okay.

10. A human water feature

Now that’s what I call innovation!

11. Finally something I can relate to!

JUST KIDDING! I don’t sleep either, someone please help me 🥲

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