10 Halloween Costume Ideas: From Squid Game to Cans of Spam Ham

With Halloween fast approaching and lockdowns ending (Melburnian’s, we’re talking about you), there’s never been a better excuse to throw a spooky themed party or get dressed up for the hell of it. I’ve scavenged the internet high and low to find the best and the most questionable Halloween costumes ideas that you DEFINITELY should try this year!

Squid Game – Red Light Green Light Doll

A cute take on this creepy lil gal from the years biggest show! Assert your dominance by scaring fellow partygoers every time you turn your head.


Whether you’re a fan of innuendoes or just really love the vegetable, slipping into this effortless purple number will turn lots of heads 🍆

Spartys Eggplant Costume Purple

Barbie Princesses

These costumes are so wholesome 🥺 My 5 year old self is crying at how pretty these are. Not sure if I have the time or the patience to pull these off, but somebody please try for me!


#halloweencostumeideas #halloween2021 @alexirozmajzl @mariannarozmajzl @victoria.rozmajzl @therozmajzltwins

♬ Wildest Dreams – 🪦

The Black Plague Doctor

This year 8 History class topic feels relevant to our old mate Covid. This costume provides both style AND safety 😷 #winning

 Plague Doctor Adults' Men's Medieval Vacation Dress Halloween Halloween Festival Halloween Festival / Holiday Polyester Black Men's Women's Easy Carnival Costumes Solid Colored / Gloves / Mask / Hat

Cluedo Characters

A+ for the obscurity of this awesome group costume idea! Miss Scarlet and Mrs Peacock though 😍

Forrest Gump

Because why not? BYO box of chocolate though.

Forrest Gump Costume Men's | Party365.com

‘Slutty’ Fast Food Restaurants

Where are all my fast food workers at?! From Maccas and KFC to Subway and Nando’s, gather up your most NSFW fast food work attire and make sure to add your hat or apron for extra points!

A Can of Spam (coz why not?)

So many questions, so little explanations.

80s Horror Film Killers

If you’re a fan of 80s horror movies (me) and want to bring a bit of retro nostalgia to your costume, this is the idea for you!

Fashion Through the Decades

To be honest with y’all, this is probably the easiest and least time consuming costume to put together – especially for last minute Halloween plans. So many options that can be made with clothes and accessories you probably already have at home!

Now don’t mind me while I toss up between an eggplant or a sexy board game character!

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